Everyone loves to celebrate their birthday with their friends and family members. You can throw an awesome dinner birthday party, or head out to a favorite restaurant. Also, it is customary to ensure you give a gift to your loved ones, too.

    While there are many gifts you can send and give to someone for their birthday, one of the best options out there are certainly some birthday flowers. However, when sending and choosing birthday flowers, you need to do it carefully and with a lot of thought.

    With that in mind, this guide is going to help you choose the right birthday flowers to send, to ensure they can put a smile on the recipient’s face.

    Know the Meaning and Symbolism of Flowers

    First and foremost, you want to familiarize yourself with the meanings and symbolism behind flowers. Each and every flower has some type of hidden meaning or symbolism, and these are important to consider whenever you give flowers to someone else.

    Some flowers symbolize friendship, others love, some pride, and some even symbolize sorrow. You need to consider choosing the flower that best symbolizes the emotion or message you are trying to convey with the gift.

    For example, you generally won’t want to give a bouquet of red roses to your friend for their birthday, as these flowers normally symbolize romantic love and passion. That is, unless that is the sort of message you are intending to send.

    While these aren’t rules you need to stick by 100% of the time, they are good guidelines to consider. Of course, if your friend loves a flower that doesn’t have a meaning or symbolism that lines up perfectly, that is just fine. Them being happy with the gift you have given is the main and most important thing.
    Know What They Like

    Giving a birthday bouquet to a friend is made incredibly easy and simple if you know what they like. Many people have a favorite flower, and if you know the one that they like best, simply go out and find it for them. They are sure to love the gift, and will likely be impressed that you remembered their favorite flower.

    You can get them a bouquet full of multiple stems of their favorite flower, or can mix and match with a few others you think they might like, as well! If you don’t know the exact flowers or plants they like, consider getting them a flower featuring colors that they enjoy. No matter what color they like best, you will certainly be able to find a flower that matches up well with it.

    Also, if you are struggling to think of what flower to get, think about their home. Different flowers can look good in different spaces and with different decor. If you get flowers that flow well with the space and complement the colors of their home (and not clash), they can look great and really contribute to the aesthetic of the room.

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    Consider their Birth Month

    An underrated way to decide which flowers to send to friends and family members for their birthday is to consider their birth month. See, each birth month has a flower, just like it has a birthstone. Some of the birth month flowers are daffodils for March, daisies for April, and marigolds for October. Many months even have multiple different flowers to choose from.

    Simply choosing the flower that matches up with their birth month is a great way to get them a gift with some special significance behind it. This is especially good if you are unsure what type of flower to give them for their birthday.

    Of course, if someone doesn’t like the flower that coincides with their birthday month, there are plenty of other options out there to choose from that they will likely be happier with.

    Be Aware of Allergies

    Anytime you give something like flowers as a gift, you need to think about allergies. Many people are allergic to pollen, which means many flowers may trigger red eyes, itchy throats, and runny noses for millions of people. Always know if someone is allergic to pollen before giving them a flower, and be careful which flowers you choose.

    Of course, not all flowers are difficult for those with allergies. Plenty are good for anyone, and some will be fine for those with minor allergies. In most cases, flowers that are wind-pollinated are the worst for those with allergies, as their pollen is light and almost like dust, and is very easy to be moved through the air by wind.

    Think About Some Add-Ons

    Just like small accessories can improve an outfit, they can also add a little something extra to your flower gift. Flowers are great and beautiful, but can be a bit impersonal at times. If everyone gives someone flowers for their birthday, the recipient might have a hard time remembering which ones you got them. As a result, giving them another small gift with the flowers can help.

    This could be a small plush, some candies, their favorite beverage, or something else small to make the gift a little more personal and customized. Another great touch is to add a small note or card. This can have a heartfelt message, a funny story, an inside joke, or anything else you think the recipient would appreciate.

    This can only take a minute or two to create and write, and is sure to make the gift much more personal. Of course, you can also write a more in-depth message if you so choose, but there is certainly no requirement to do so.

    We hope that this guide has been able to help you both choose and send the perfect birthday bouquets to your friends and family members. While there are many birthday gifts you can send to those who mean the most to you, flowers continue to be a popular and beautiful choice.


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