Here you can find some of the best places to visit in California on your trip. Front the National Park to the Coast Barbara, here is the list of all.

    The golden state is famous for everything, not in the US but the whole world. With Hollywood celebrities, Beautiful beaches, Surfing culture, gigantic trees, and silicon valley, it has much more to offer.

    In California, you will find a variety of breathtaking sights to see that will captivate your eyes. With these places to visit in California, you will never run out of choices.

    Listed below are all the best places to visit in California so that you will know what to expect when you visit this golden state.

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    1. Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara

    Do you want to visit Santa Barbara? Here are the most beautiful things about this city

    This coastal town is one of the best places to go in California. The Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean surround the scenic city of Santa Barbara.

    There are many festivals and cultural events held here throughout the year, and it is just 160 kilometers northwest of Los Angeles.

    Additionally, Santa Barbara also has many beautiful rustic villas, hiking trails, ancient architecture, artwork, and fantastic shopping opportunities to offer to its visitors.

    2. Sonoma Valley

    Sonoma Valley

    As the cheaper and more fabulous version of Napa Valley, Sonoma has developed a reputation for being both a wine and a travel destination.

    Sonoma Valley is known as a central wine-producing region of San Francisco. Its rolling hills and valleys, including Sonoma Valley and Russian River Valley, are home to hundreds of vineyards, from family-run farms to international wineries.

    Moreover, this valley has beautiful dark green forests, high mountains, meadows, rivers, and fascinating valleys. So whether you are a wine aficionado or not; this glorious valley still has much more to visit and explore for all the tourists.

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    3. Santa Monica

    Santa Monica

    The city is situated along the coast of Los Angeles. Geographically Santa Monica is surrounded by Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, West Los Angeles, Mar Vista, and Venice.

    SaMo is one of the most popular resorts in Santa Monica, offering beautiful views of the sun rising and setting. Nature lovers love to enjoy these scenes at this restaurant.

    Santa Monica is also well known for its art and artists. Santa Monica Civic Auditorium hosted the Academy Awards in the 1960s and has been a prominent music venue form many decades.

    If you are a shopaholic, you’ll be happy to know that there are three central shopping districts in this city: Montana Avenue, Downtown District, and Main Street. Be sure not to miss Palisades Park as well.

    4. Palm Springs

    Palm Springs

    The population of Palm Springs is among the highest in the country regarding the number of same-sex couples. Palm Springs’ population triples between November and March because many tourists come here to enjoy this desert’s scenery.

    Boomer chain is a type of family entertainment center here.

    This city has many parks to visit, including Baristo Park, DeMuth Park, Victoria Park, Ruth Hardy Park, etc.

    In Palm Springs, Agua Caliente Cultural Museum is also an excellent destination for history lovers.

    5. Joshua Tree National Park

    Joshua Tree National Park

    As the name implies, this park is named after the Joshua trees. Here, tourists can enjoy a wide range of recreational activities such as camping, climbing, visiting and access, and bird watching.

    The park has nine campgrounds for camping. However, two of the nine campgrounds offer water and toilet facilities to their visitors.

    For hiking lovers, here are both short and long trails. The scenic walks within the park include Hidden Valley, Indian Cove, and Cholla Cactus Garden.

    Besides this, for desperate hikers, a few longer trails are Contact Mine, Lost Palms Oasis, Ryan Mountain, Lost Horse Mine, Boy Scout Hiking and Equestrian Trails, and Fortynine Palms Oasis.

    The Joshua Tree National Park also offers climbing routes of all difficulty levels, which is of great interest to climbers. One more wonderful thing about this park is that it has almost 250 species of birds living in it or visiting it.

    National park is also known as a dark sky park as it offers excellent views of the new and full moon and a night sky blaze with stars. This park is a must-see when you come to California, so be sure to add it to your list.

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    6. Laguna Beach

    Laguna Beach

    A visit to Laguna Beach is a truly memorable experience. Laguna Beach is famous for the scenic beaches of all sizes, close to the city and far from it. Here the climate conditions are mild throughout the year, and the area has lush greenery, scenic coves, and a vibrant artist community.

    Mountain biking is a popular activity at Laguna’s foothills. Moreover, it is also the best spot for scuba diving, hiking, and a picnic. Beautiful scenery will make your heart sing. Laguna Art Museum is also famous for art and history lovers.

    The city hosts a variety of large annual events, including the Art-A-Fair Festival of Arts, Kelpfest, the Pageant of the Masters, Sawdust Art Festival, and the Bluewater Music Festival.

    When you visit California, I am sure you will add Laguna Beach to your itinerary.

    7. Anaheim-Disneyland


    Anaheim is another famous place to visit in California. It is most famous for Disneyland, but this isn’t everything Anaheim is known for. The city has developed a lot in recent years.

    Anaheim bars, high-class restaurants, and big shopping centers attract the tourist’s attention. Besides this, there is also a lot to do here. As The Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim both play at Anaheim, you can watch baseball or hockey while you’re here.

    As Anaheim is best known for its Disneyland Park, so it is a must-see when you are there. Across the globe, Disneyland has had the highest cumulative attendance worldwide.

    8. Carmel-by-the-Sea


    California’s best places to visit must include Carmel-by-the-Sea. The natural beauty and the historical ties to art make it one of the best cities for artists and nature lovers.

    A second notable thing about this city is that it is extremely dog-friendly, with many hotels and restaurants accepting guests with their dogs.

    There is a beautiful white-sand beach in the middle of the town, which has been depicted in countless paintings and artworks over the years.

    Additionally, the climate of this place is exceptional, and September and October are the best months to visit.

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    9. Lake Tahoe

    Lake Tahoe

    This lake is known for its beautiful surrounding mountains, which create a spectacular view. The clear water of lack is yet another good thing about it.

    A more significant portion of the lack is dedicated to tourism purposes. Lack’s scenic views, ski slopes, restaurants, golf courses, and especially its casinos are the other things tourists love. It is also a top spot for beach activities.

    There are many breathtaking spots along Lake Tahoe, but Emerald Bay is one of the most beautiful. So don’t forget to check out lake Tahoe when you visit California.

    10. Mossbrae Falls

    Mossbrae Falls

    Waterfall always seems like a miracle of nature. The flowing water of Mossbrae falls flows from the lush green mountains and falls into the Sacramento River.

    If waterfalls and adventure are your things, you’ll enjoy this waterfall underneath Shasta Springs, one of California’s most beautiful and adventurous places to see.

    11. Channels Islands

    Channels Islands

    The Channel Islands are an archipelago of eight islands located in the Pacific Ocean, within Southern California Bight.

    Three counties have jurisdiction over the eight islands: Santa Barbara County (four), Ventura County (two), and Los Angeles County (two).

    These Islands are great destinations and famous tourism spots. There are also countless species of plants and animals surrounding the channel islands, making them a popular tourist destination.

    12. Redwood National and State Parks

    Redwood National and State Parks

    Redwood National and State Parks (RNSP) are located along the bay of northern California. These state parks protect 45 percent of all coast redwoods. Moreover, this region has the tallest and most massive trees on Earth.

    Redwood National and State Parks do not charge entrance fees. Furthermore, nearby towns like Klamath, Requa, and Orick offer hotels and inns for tourists to stay.

    There is a variety of accommodations available in Crescent City, Arcata, and Eureka at the northern and southern ends of the park.

    Visitors to the park are supported by many information points and three visitor centers that provide general information and guided nature walks.

    Also, during the summer seasons, there are guided tours and campfire talks available at each campground. Additionally, the parks offer a great deal of picnic areas that are easily reachable by motor vehicles.

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    13. Golden Gate Bridge

    Golden Gate Bridge

    Golden Gate Bridge has unmistakable splendor and grandeur, making it one of California’s most coveted California attractions.

    This bridge carries traffic from bicycles to motor vehicles and everything in between. It will amaze you that almost 40 million cars pass through this bridge every year.

    The bridge color is orange to increase the visibility even in dense fog. Golden Gate Bridge’s architecture and design are admired for its impressive design globally.

    Travel guide books describe the Golden Gate Bridge as possibly the most beautiful bridge on earth and certainly one of the most photographed one too.

    14. San Francisco

    San Francisco

    San Francisco is known as California’s cultural, commercial, and financial center. As one of the most photogenic California cities, San Francisco attracts a significant number of tourists annually.

    The islands of San Francisco have a cool climate during winters and have hot summers. Summer fog often forms along the coast. However, this climate is suitable for thousands of botanical species to grow.

    San Francisco has a lot of museums to display art and history, including The Walt Disney family museum, Tenderloin Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Asian Art Museum, Children’s Creativity Museum, and Cable Car Museum.

    The city has great bars, including “The Intervals” as one of the best. When you are in San Francisco, be sure to visit Angel Island and Alcatraz Island. With diverse cultures, here you’ll find all exciting things, including natural and man-made.

    15. Burney Falls

    Burney Falls

    Burney Falls is a 129-foot waterfall that releases water into Lake Britton – more than 100 million gallons a day! Even during dry summers, underground springs generate a constant flow of 379 million liters per day.

    This beautiful waterfall is a must-see. The cool mist of the cascade is a great place for a swim or to relax. This site is a popular location for catch-and-release fly-fishing. Furthermore, many American films feature beautiful scenes from Burney falls.

    Besides fishing, you can also enjoy a picnic and hiking here and capture the beautiful scenes of this paradise.

    16. Monterey Beach


    Beaches are always a pleasure, especially those with an extensive coast line and high water. This beach is one of the favorite places for visitors for picnic areas, barbecue pits, and play volleyball courts.

    If you are a wildlife lover, you can also watch whales surfing to go high and go deep in the water during the summer days.


    California offers much more to entice tourists. That’s why it’s known as a golden state and one of the best places to visit globally. Each place has its kind of beauty and charm, and you won’t want to miss any of these.

    Make sure you have your camera with you, so you don’t miss anything to capture!


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