Over two years ago, the COVID19 pandemic brought about some huge changes to the way that we work, and ever since, more people than ever before have been working from home office.

    Whether you work remotely all the time or are going into the office a couple of days a week on a hybrid work schedule, home office spaces have become more important than ever.

    Whether you’ve been spending all this time working on your kitchen table and have decided to improve your home working space or have moved into a new home with a room that you’re setting up as your office, here are some tips to consider when it comes to improving your work from home experience.

    Get the Right Tech

    Get the Right Tech
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    First and foremost, make sure that you’ve got the right tech for the job, as otherwise, you’re often going to be frustrated no matter how nice your home office space is set up.

    If your work means that you’re often doing graphics-heavy tasks like 3D rendering or photo editing, then it might be worth looking into upgrading your graphics card – click here to find out more.

    A dual monitor set-up can also make your work from home experience smoother and more productive, along with a separate keyboard and mouse if you use a laptop.

    Consider Ergonomics

    Consider Ergonomics
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    Another thing to consider when setting up your home office space is the ergonomics. Basically, this refers to how comfortable you are and how well-supported you are when you’re at your desk working.

    You might want to consider items like a sit-stand desk or even a treadmill desk if you’re unhappy about sitting down all day and find that standing up from time to time, or even walking can be more comfortable and help you get more done.

    At the very least, getting an ergonomic chair and a desk that’s at the right height is worth considering.

    Choose Colors Wisely

    Choose Colors Wisely
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    Decorating your new home office space can be one of the most exciting parts of the process, but it’s important to remember that you’re going to be in here every day.

    Because of this, it’s worth getting a little familiar with color psychology and painting based on how you’d like to feel when you’re in the room.

    Soothing, calming colors like pastel greens and blues can be an ideal choice if you have a smaller space that you want to open up, and want to feel calm and relaxed at work.

    On the other hand, jewel colors or even bright colors can look amazing in a large office with lots of natural light.

    Consider the Lighting

    Consider the Lighting
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    If you’re lucky enough to have a home office space with a large window and a lot of natural light, then you might not need to consider any additional lighting to your ceiling lamp or desk lamp.

    However, if the room can get quite dark, it might be worth getting creative with lighting, including floor lamps, ring lights, and LED lighting.

    Working from home has become the norm for lots of us. If you’re redesigning your home office space and want to ensure the best experience, these tips might help.


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