Chicago is known for having crazy, often-unpredictable weather. For this reason, homeowners need to have siding that can withstand Windy City’s unique obstacles. If you want a siding that is both beautiful to look at, and able to withstand the trials Chicago holds in store for it, here are four high-quality siding products you can use to beautify your Chicago home:

    Siding Products

    1. Wood Siding Products

    Wood is one of the earliest types of exterior siding that was created, making it incredibly popular among Chicago homeowners that want a rustic look to their home. It can be stained or painted to look exactly how you want it to as well, making it incredibly adaptable. Homeowners who like to get up close and personal with their home improvement projects love wood siding products for this reason.

    Additionally, it is available in a variety of configurations, such as vertical boards and shingles, to enable homeowners to create any desired aesthetic with ease. That being said, despite its attractive appearance, wood siding increases the risk of house fires. Wood is a combustible substance, meaning that it can catch fire when exposed to intense heat. If wood siding catches fire, the flames could climb the wall and enter the house.

    Thankfully, Chicago rarely has issues with this type of weather. As time passes, wood siding also needs regular upkeep and painting, so be sure to pay close attention to your wood paneling’s maintenance needs if you go this route.

    2. Vinyl Siding Products

    One of the most common siding options in the US is vinyl siding, and this product is widely available via all Chicago siding contractors and their associates. The mixture of affordability, easy upkeep needs, and classic look has made vinyl siding products popular among homeowners of all backgrounds, after all.

    Vinyl siding is a type of plastic siding that is frequently used on modest houses or apartment complexes that require weatherproofing. Chicago complexes and homes use vinyl siding to ensure properties are not damaged by the harsh winter snowstorms and rainy Spring seasons.

    As a bonus, vinyl siding, which is comprised of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is generally fire-resistant. Homeowners and property managers who cannot afford to rebuild after a fire find the fire-resistant nature of the product to be incredibly attractive.

    3. Brick Siding Products

    Brick is a traditional and timeless exterior siding material that has long been the industry standard due to its durability. Many older Chicago homes would simply not look right without this classic aesthetic, after all. When compared to wood or vinyl siding, which tends to fade in the sun, brick siding doesn’t need to be frequently repainted.

    For homeowners who need to prioritize a one-time payment siding job, brick is a solid option. Brick is an extremely low-maintenance exterior siding option, and is typically graded to last upwards of 100 years without needing to be replaced. In a windy city like Chicago, this perk is typically highly attractive to most homeowners.

    When compared to other external siding options, brick also tends to raise the value of your home, making it a wonderful option if you want to transform your house into an investment property. That being said, brick is one of the most expensive siding products out there, so be prepared to spend a pretty penny to get the job done right.

    4. Fiber Cement Products

    Fiber cement siding is a great option for people searching for outside siding that will last for several decades because it is known for being incredibly strong and long-lasting. Homeowners who reside in tough climates, especially residents living in Chicago, benefit most from fiber cement siding because it can withstand stormy weather conditions, large snowfall, and other extreme weather occurrences.

    Fiber cement siding is created when cement and wood pulp are combined. Although fiber cement products give extra versatility to your home’s siding aesthetic, the durability of regular cement siding remains intact. Additionally, fiber cement siding has a wide range of siding material options, including wood.

    The cost of installation is the major deterrent for fiber cement siding, however. This is since installing a new system takes a lot of labor time and effort. If you’re looking for some of the best siding available, fiber cement siding is a great option, but you’ll need to budget for it carefully.

    Beautify Your Home with High-Quality Siding

    With the right siding products, you can make your home look absolutely stunning. Chicago comes with many weather and environmental concerns for homeowners, and quality siding is one of the best ways to combat these worries. With the right contractor by your side, you can make your home look better than ever in 2023.


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