Many people assume outfits can be sorted into two categories: smart and casual. This is true to an extent, but life is rarely so binary, and you may often find yourself in need of an outfit that bridges the gap between these two distinct styles.

    The solution is smart-casual. In this guide, we take a deep dive into what smart-casual is and discuss how you can adopt this style by wearing a hoodie. Read on to learn more.

    What is Smart-Casual?

    What is Smart-Casual
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    The idea of smart-casual seems like a modern concept. While it has certainly become more popular in recent years, it’s actually far older than many give it credit for. The term smart-casual can be traced all the way back to the 1920s, used to describe outfits that could be worn in both professional and social settings.

    This definition still rings true for smart-casual outfits of today, although the clothes used to make up the outfits have changed. While there are basic ground rules, the best thing about smart-casual is the freedom to chop and change outfits as you see fit. Comfort and practicality are core values of the style, and everybody has their own definition of what smart-casual is.

    Can You Dress Smart-Casual with a Hoodie?

    Many people assume that hoodies are too casual for the smart-casual look, but that simply isn’t the case. The truth is that even cheap hoodies can work well in a smart-casual outfit, you just need to know how to style them correctly. When you’re looking at product photos, you can see how models do it. Wordans, the wholesale retailer, have plenty of hoodie styles, colours, and options, meaning that you can survey how all this variety looks on professional models before purchase!

    To do so, you need to know what to pair your hoodie with. A lot of this is common sense. For example, wearing a suit jacket over a hoodie will obviously look ridiculous, and a hoodie with shiny polished dress shoes will rarely work well.

    Chinos with plain, smart boots or very smart trainers can be the ideal pairing with a hoodie for a smart-casual look. A long overcoat can complete the look, leaving you ready to meet any work or social situation.

    How to Pick the Best Hoodie for the Smart-Casual Look

    How to Pick the Best Hoodie for the Smart-Casual Look
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    While the clothes you pair your hoodie with are important, picking the right hoodie in the first place is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to putting together a smart-casual outfit.

    You want to avoid bright, flashy colours like reds, oranges and yellows. These are too playful and bold, not what you want in a serious or semi-serious environment. Instead, opt for muted tones like whites and greys. These have the added bonus of being easy to pair with other items of clothing.

    Modern hoodies often come with logos. These can be the logo of a brand or a university, a style that has become incredibly popular. While these hoodies can look great, they are not suitable for a smart-casual outfit. Always go for a blank hoodie without any visible logos or designs.


    The smart-casual style is more popular than ever, and it is now highly valued as a workplace dress code by employers and employees alike. Use the tips in the guide above to incorporate a hoodie into your smart-casual outfit.

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