A dissection of the Streameast Platform. How has the site revolutionized how you can view a variety of sports online and what other alternatives are available?

    Two decades ago, television was the only way you could watch sports. All the major events were broadcasted on different channels and there was no other way to view them. Sports like the NBA, NHL, NFL, and UFC were either pay-per-view or accessible with a cable connection. This was a great challenge for a lot of people. Either people didn’t own a television or didn’t have time to sit in front of one for a large period. So a lot of people ended up missing their events for one reason or another.

    At this time, different solutions were introduced to combat this problem. Out of all these solutions, the one that ended up getting the most success was online streaming.

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    What is Online Streaming?

    Online streaming is the process of broadcasting an event on the internet. It was first introduced in the early 2000s and since then it has quickly become a staple of the entertainment industry. Streaming allows you to watch these events and shows on any device that you have available. Streaming also allows you to catch up on these events later on if you are busy. You can simply log in to the site and catch up on the event without any disruptions or issues.

    This strategy was initially introduced by various movie studios but it quickly made it to the sporting industry as well.

    Online Sports Streaming

    Sports streaming was officially started in the early 2010s. At that time, it was purely experimental and multiple sporting events stayed away from it. It was initially implemented for sports like Basketball, Pro Wrestling, and Hockey. The online streaming service started to boom around 2015 and after that multiple companies gravitated towards it.

    Nowadays, sporting companies like the NBA, NHL, UFC, and WWE have their dedicated streaming services. However, these sites are relatively expensive. You have to pay $30, $40 for a season pass. Spending that amount on every single sport is difficult if you’re not making a crazy amount of money.

    So, naturally, people started gravitating towards alternative sites that covered all sporting events. These sites have partnerships with all these associations and stream their content for a reasonable price. Paying a reasonable sum to watch all these events on a single platform is why many people see it as the obvious solution. If you are one of those people who is looking for an affordable alternative to these big sites. Streameast is there to help you out.

    What is Streameast?

    For those who are unaware, Streameast is an online streaming platform that streams different sports from around the globe. This site is relatively unknown but it was launched not too long ago. However, since its initial launch, it has quickly become a great platform for viewing these events.

    Streameast allows you to get access to all the top sporting events from around the globe. They have partnerships with associations like the WWE, NBA, NHL, NFL, and UFC just to name a few. They also stream this content in amazing HD quality which means that you can enjoy these events to the fullest.

    How to Get Started on Streameast?

    A lot of people shy away from these online viewing platforms because they have a lengthy signup process. You are required to fill out a lengthy form to get started. This can take up a large chunk of time. It is also extremely agitating if there is a game going on live and you cannot watch it. You waste your valuable time on this process that can result in you missing a large chunk of the game.

    This is not the case with Streameast. Streameast allows you to jump into the action right away. Once you access the website, you can directly jump into the action. No login or signup process is required. You are able to directly watch any sporting event from around the globe in mere seconds. This saves your valuable time and helps you get into the action right away.

    When you enter the URL and access the site, you are taken to the dashboard where you can get started.

    The Streameast Dashboard

    The Streameast dashboard acts as the homepage of the website. The dashboard has been designed with keeping things like ease of access in mind. The layout of the dashboard is user-friendly and is on par with other streaming platforms. It was modeled after platforms like NBC Sports, MLB TV, and DAZN.

    The Streameast dashboard has all the key sports available on it. You simply have to click on the sport you want to watch to get started. A menu where all the events regarding that particular sport will appear. You can choose the event you want to watch and it will instantly take you to the live feed.

    Benefits of Using Streameast

    Streameast is the ideal website when it comes to watching sports online. The site provides its users with some great features. These features make it essential for all sports fans. However, if you are still not convinced about Streameast, they have some amazing features that may change your mind. These features make it one of the best websites for online sporting content. Some of these key features are as follows;

    The Plethora of Content Available

    The first thing we need to talk about when it comes to Streameast is the quality of content that is available. You can select from a wide array of options. This means that you will never get bored while using the Streameast platform. It covers popular sports like basketball, football, and hockey. In addition to this, the platform also features obscure sporting events from around the world.

    Streameast allows you to get access to a long list of sports. Some of these include Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, Formula1, Cricket, Boxing, Volleyball, and eSports. So it does not matter if you are a casual or a diehard fan, you will always have something to watch.

    An Interactive Chatroom

    This feature is also unique. The Streameast platform provides the facility of a live chat room or shoutbox. Using this feature, you can communicate with fans from around the world. The chatroom allows you to converse with other fans and viewers which will enhance the overall viewing experience.

    The Content is Free to View

    This is the main feature that separates Streameast from its competitors. All the content that is available on the website is entirely free to view. This means that you don’t have to spend a single penny on watching your favorite sports.

    An Affordable Premium Plan

    Although the content on the Streameast platform is free to view, that doesn’t mean that improvements cannot be made. The platform allows you to upgrade to their premium plan. The Streameast Pro package costs only $5 a month and it gives you ad-free access to all the content that is available on the site. Compared to other sporting platforms this is chump change.

    It is also not necessary by any means. If you are happy with your current experience, you are not required to upgrade to the pro package.

    Best Streameast Alternatives

    Like any other platform, the Streameast site has some issues that might make it a less than ideal choice. For instance, the platform does not provide mobile support so you can properly watch content on it. Another drawback of the Streameast platform is that it doesn’t allow you to record games. You have to watch these events live and if you miss them you cannot watch them again. These issues make Streameast a bad choice for some people. If that is the case for you, there are some online platforms available that will be ideal for you. These platforms include;


    Hulu is an amazing platform when it comes to sports streams. They have broadcasting rights for sports all over the world. They also allow you to record these matches and watch them at a later time if you are busy for one reason or another. In addition to the sporting content, you all get access to their full library which is a nice bonus.


    Peacock is arguably one of the largest platforms when it comes to streaming sports. They allow you to watch sports not just from America but all over the world. They have broadcasting rights for American sports like the NBA, WWE, NHL, UFC just to name a few. All this makes them an ideal alternative to Streameast.

    YouTube TV

    YouTube is a service that was launched in 2017. Since then they have become a big hub when it comes to watching live sporting events. Similar to Peacock they broadcast events from around the world. If you are a Soccer fan, you would be happy to know that YouTube TV streams both La Liga and the Premier League. So, it is a great choice for streaming international sporting events as well.


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