Although you might not give trucks much thought, they play a crucial role in contemporary society. They’re used to transport a variety of goods and services worldwide. Therefore, they play a major role in global, local, and regional supply chains. But trucks are also prone to accidents, just like any other road vehicle. Even though truck accidents aren’t common, they tend to be more dangerous.

    Given their massive size, trucks are at a greater risk of toppling over or losing control while on the road. They’re also particularly dangerous because smaller vehicles suffer more in collisions. Truck accidents can be fatal and should be prevented as much as possible. There are so many factors that can lead to accidents. Some factors can be managed, but others can’t. That said, here’s what you need to know about truck accidents.

     Things To Know About Truck Accidents

    1- You Can Claim Compensation If You’re Involved In An Accident

    If you’re involved in a truck accident, you can claim compensation. There have been several counts when trucking companies have been sued for not training their drivers properly. Furthermore, there have been cases where trucking companies were found to be irresponsible for failing to maintain and service their fleet appropriately. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to speak with a lawyer if you’ve been in a trucking accident to determine whether you qualify for compensation.

    Hiring qualified lawyers increase your chances of winning your case. They can guide you throughout the entire process and will be able to assist you with any concerns you might have. For example, if you’re curious to know how long to settle a claim against UPS on road accidents, your lawyers are the best people to ask. Furthermore, should any legal proceedings arise, they can represent you in court.

    On that note, it’d help if car owners considered installing dashcams just in case evidence is needed to prove that a truck driver was at fault.

    2- Most Accidents Are Avoidable

    Most truck accidents are preventable. Avoiding trucks altogether is the best strategy for avoiding a truck accident. If you’re driving on a motorway and you see one coming, get out of its way till it passes you. Aim to keep a safe distance from trucks. It’s advised that you keep a distance of at least three automobiles away from trucks.

    3- How To Respond In The Event Of An Accident

    There are specific actions you should take when you’re involved in a truck accident. First, determine whether you or anybody with you is wounded. As previously stated, vehicle accidents frequently lead to significant injuries. So, if you or anybody else is injured, call the emergency services immediately.

    The next step is to call the police and provide them with the location of the incident. Afterward, you must exchange information with the driver, including their name, address, trucking company, license number, and plate number. Finally, even if you don’t see any evidence of physical injury, it’s always a good idea to see a doctor afterward. You might have sustained an internal injury so they can check and help you.

    4- There Are Different Types Of Accidents

    There are so many variables that can influence how a truck accident occurs and the implications that ensue for the parties involved. Here’s a list of some of the most common types of truck accidents.

    a– Rollover Accidents – These accidents typically occur when truck drivers travel at high speeds and encounter sharp turns or a slippery road, causing them to roll over. Rollover accidents also typically occur when truck drivers navigate steep inclines or declines.

    b– Underride Accidents – These are the types of accidents wherein a car ends up on the underside of a truck or trailer. Underride accidents can be fatal for small vehicle drivers.

    c– Tire Blowout Accidents – These are accidents caused by tire blowouts, as the name implies. To avoid these types of incidents, drivers must regularly check their tires.

    d– Blind Spot Accidents – Drivers must always be mindful of their blind spots. However, trucks have considerably more blind spots. Therefore, there’s a high likelihood of collision on the road if truck drivers ignore their blind spots. Some truck drivers found at fault in an accident may use blind spots as their defense when a claim is filed against them.

    eDUI (Driving Under The Influence) Accidents – When truck drivers are under the influence, they’re more likely to engage in irresponsible behavior, which leads to accidents. Truck drivers are subject to stricter DUI rules than private car drivers. Drivers found driving under the influence will almost certainly face hefty punishment.
    There are several other ways that truck accidents can happen. However, the above-mentioned ones are the most common. The severity of accidents will differ on a case-by-case basis.


    Truck accidents are never pleasant to witness. People who survive such incidents are fortunate to survive. The rate of fatality from truck accidents is quite high. However, most truck accidents are preventable. The best way to avoid truck accidents is to keep a safe distance from them when driving. But, if you’re involved in one, you must prioritize your safety. Also, if you wish to file a claim against the truck driver, get a good attorney to help you through the process.


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