Every time they leave the house, some men present a polished and sophisticated image. You get the impression that they aren’t trying, but their appearance still manages to be successful. Were they endowed from birth with abilities you weren’t fortunate enough to possess? Without a doubt, no!

    Are there any fashion tricks or advice that men follow? There most certainly are. It might be stressful to stay trendy and up-to-date. New guidelines and fashions for menswear appear everywhere you turn, making it harder to stay on top of everything and maintain your position as the best-dressed man in the room.

    5 Tips for Men’s Fashion

    There will always be trends to follow, but by giving you 5 tips for consistently looking fantastic, we can make it easier for you to stay in style.

    Don’t Copy Literally

    We all have our icons that serve as our style role models. Some of the best-dressed superstars, like David Beckham or Dwayne Johnson, have the power to influence menswear trends. We run the risk of getting inspired by renowned people instead of learning from them when we take our cues from them.

    This fails not only because it seems unoriginal, but also because what works for David Beckham might not necessarily work for you. The frustration of putting something on that looks amazing in the magazine but not in the mirror is increased by the fact that these people employ stylists and have a substantial financial cushion to ensure they look attractive.

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    Combine English and Italian

    Although other countries excel in quality, English tailors and shoemakers have been the leaders for decades. There is no shortage of excellent shoes that will last you for a decade or more, with names like Foster & Son and George Cleverley dominating the scene for over 150 years.

    Similar to how the world of women’s clothing appears to have started, Saville Row in London is still home to some of the top tailors in the world. Italy, a bit further to the East, is home to companies like Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani. These suits draw attention as soon as you enter a room and keep it until you leave.

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    An old saying in the menswear industry says if you want something that will last for a decade, go English; if you want something that will be treasured for a decade, go Italian. English suits and shoes have some flair, and Italian suits and shoes are no pushover in the quality department.

    Complementing Over Matching

    Men try to match instead of complement their clothing, which is one of the most typical mistakes they make when choosing accessories or other items to go with them.If you’re wearing a suit and tie, matching your pocket silk to your shirt or tie could make your outfit appear as though it came straight out of a Kohls box.

    Any outfit is improved by adding a complementary color, using the color wheel knowledge you learned in 9th-grade art. Use complementary colours from the colour wheel or lighter or darker variations of the same colour to make an outfit stand out.

    About Buttons

    This advice is more of a guideline. The rule relates to the buttons on your suit coat and aids guys in determining which buttons, for the sake of politeness, should be buttoned and which shouldn’t. Start at the top button of your suit coat and repeat “sometimes, always, never” as you progress down the buttons.

    This indicates that the bottom button of a three-button suit is always left undone, the middle button is always undone while standing, and the top button of the suit is occasionally buttoned. Cardigans, vests, and overcoats are also covered under the rule. The custom dates back to when men used to ride horses, and their garments needed to open at the bottom to fit on both sides of the animal.

    Don’t Forget the Shoes

    To have a full essential shoe collection, every man has to own seven pairs of shoes. Once you have all these, you can start mixing up your footwear and having fun while you shop. While you might be tempted to choose the less expensive options as frequently as possible to get the seven, it will be more advantageous for you to invest in some of the better options so that you won’t have to keep replacing them.

    Final Thoughts

    Ask for assistance if you’ve tried to educate yourself but are still stuck, overburdened, or simply uninterested in learning how. Instead of acting as though you know what you’re doing and continuing to dress less-than-professionally, it would be much wiser to seek outside advice.


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