Buying Wardrobe Essentials for your child doesn’t have to be a tricky task. There are numerous essentials you should have, but also a few ways to get the best out of them, as well as not break the bank in the process.

    From girl’s sandals to swimwear, this list will help you get the essentials your child needs for the first few years of their life.

    Clothes Buying Tips

    When it comes to buying toddler clothes, there are some tips to remember to help you buy the right items and send your money in the best way.

    Bigger Sizes

    The first thing to remember is that you should avoid buying clothes in the exact size your child wears. While this isn’t always possible, your child is going to grow and grow out of clothes at a rapid rate.

    Quality Over Quantity

    Going out and buying half a dozen shirts and pants at a time is not only a waste of money but also unnecessary. It is always better to choose quality over quantity; not only will the clothes last longer, but they can also then be resold.


    Don’t buy clothes that only have one function or can only be worn for specific occasions. As mentioned, your child is going to grow out of their clothes very quickly, don’t spend your money on specialised clothes they can only wear for a few months.

    Ignore Shoes

    While they are very cute, there is no need to buy your child shoes if they aren’t walking, and even then, you only need one pair. Thick socks are more than enough and will still work when they start crawling and taking their first steps.

    Keep Things Simple

    The best thing to do is to keep your child’s wardrobe simple. They aren’t quite old enough t appreciate what they are wearing or how they look; therefore, keep it simple when they are younger, then experiment when they grow older.

    Sell Clothes You Don’t Need

    Considering how little time a piece of clothing is actually worn before it is too small, you can make some money back by selling them on.

    The second-hand toddler clothing market is huge, and you can help other families by giving them a good deal.

    Essential Items

    Here are the essentials that you should have in your child’s wardrobe throughout their young lives. These items are not only affordable but can be easily replaced and even sold on when you don’t need them anymore.

    1. T-Shirts


    T-shirts are a must for multiple reasons. They can be worn throughout the year and are perfect for protecting your child against the sun in Summer, and are great for layering in Winter.

    T-shirts are also soft and comfortable, meaning your child can wear them all day without a problem.

    2. Pull-On Pants and Leggings

    Pants and Leggings

    If your child is still wearing diapers or beginning to potty-train, opt for pull-on, elastic pants and leggings. Not only are they comfortable, but they are also easy and quick to get off if you need to change their diaper.

    Your child can also take them on and off when they are old enough to do so, and struggling with buttons or zips is a problem neither you nor they need.

    3.  Sleepwear


    When it comes to sleepwear, keep it as simple as possible. In Summer, sleeping shorts and a vest or t-shirt are enough, while in Winter, opt for sleeping pants and a long-sleeve shirt. If it gets too cold, layer with a t-shirt or vest, as a jersey may be too much.

    4. Swimsuit


    There are a lot of options with regards to swimsuits, but there is one particular kind that you should choose. A shorty wetsuit is a wetsuit with short legs and short sleeves and is ideal for protecting your child against the sun.

    If you enjoy going to the beach, the children’s swimwear is a must as it provides protection against sharp shells, stones, and sand; ideal if your child enjoys spending time in the water and exploring.

    5.  Jerseys


    Toddlers and young children can often feel the cold more than adults and can get sick easier during the Winter. Therefore, get a jersey that is warm and cosy but also not itchy, as your child will spend all of them trying to take it off.

    If you live somewhere that is really cold, also purchase a couple of long-sleeved shirts, as these are great to layer under a jersey or be worn as pyjamas.

    6. Hat


    One of the few essential accessories you need for your child is a hat. Considering how much time your child might want to spend outside, a hat will protect their face and head. This becomes more important when their sunscreen comes off if they’re in the pool or sea.

    7. Socks


    Finally, you should have a few pairs of socks. As mentioned above, shoes are unnecessary when your child is young as they aren’t walking yet. Many doctors and studies also suggest that you should avoid shoes completely when your child starts walking.

    Your child’s feet will become stronger without the support of shoes, and socks will keep them warm when it is cold.


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