As someone is retired, you deserve to go on as many vacations as you can, however sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for this. If you’re a senior who is looking for great destinations at a low cost, here are some of our very favorites. 

    Charleston, SC

    Charleston, South Carolina is one of the best cities you can visit to get a taste of America’s famous southern charm. For three years in a row, Southern Living magazine has named it the region’s best city. Founded in 1670 in honor of King Charles II of Scotland, it became the fifth-largest city in North America within 10 years. Today it is a colorful and vibrant city with a rich history.

    No matter what you’re interested in, from architecture to dining, Charleston probably has it. There are five beaches in the charleston area, as well as a long list of mouthwatering dining experiences in any price range. It is a great destination for nature lovers, as well as those who enjoy taking a stroll through a new city. You’ll be sure to forget all about your retirement community as you walk past all of the colorful houses.

    One of Charleston’s most famous landmarks is the Arthur J Ravenel Bridge, also known as the Cooper River Bridge. This two-and-a-half-mile suspension bridge provides a great view of Charleston Harbor for bikers, runners, and walkers. The bridge leads you to the newly added Mount Pleasant Waterfront Park, and if you plan your trip right you might catch one of Charleston’s many festivals here.

    In the spring and fall, you can avoid the intense heat of summer as well as enjoy lower prices on accommodation – which usually starts below $80 a night. 

    The Maritimes, Canada

    The Maritimes refers to Canada’s easter provinces including Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. Although this is a very small part of Canada, these little provinces make up for what they lack in size with personality. One of the positive aspects of this area being so small is that you can easily rent a car and drive through all of them in a single day. Of course, this will be dependent on how often you stop to take in the beautiful scenery and quaint towns. 

    Although these provinces are small and close together, they offer three distinct cultures and varying landscapes. In addition to taking in the wildlife, the Maritimes has a variety of wonderful foods to try, most notably for the region being seafood. Atlantic lobsters are so world-renowned that there is even a festival in Brussels for them, and the Maritimes has plenty to offer along with other fresh seafood like clams, mussels, fish, and more. 

    If you aren’t a seafood lover, the region is also very well known for its produce, with wild berries growing right on the side of the road. In addition to food and wildlife, there is also a rich and interesting history throughout the area, as it was the first part of Canada to be settled by the Europeans, and there is still even some leftover French influence, especially in New Brunswick. This area of Canada is very affordable, and you can visit a large majority of it in just a week. 

    Mazatlan, Mexico

    Are you in search of a destination that is outside of the US, but don’t want to pay the price of going all the way to Europe? Mexico is a wonderful, sunny destination that can be affordable on a budget. While Mazatlan does attract its fair share of party-goers, it is also a gorgeous and peaceful destination for people of any age. 

    Located on Mexico’s pacific shoreline in the state of Sinaloa it includes sandy beaches and historic landmarks. When compared to other destinations in Mexico, Mazatlan is pretty affordable, with some highly-rated hotels costing less than $160 a person each night. There is also an abundance of all-inclusive resorts to choose from. In addition to the beaches and town, there is also a lot of wildlife to be seen, so if you are a bird watcher this is a great place for you.


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