Are you searching for the right career to transition out of office? These Transcription jobs from home may help you plan your move.

    Work from home is increasingly becoming a necessity. But you can’t transition out of your office job because of the nature of your job. It may seem frustrating.

    You’ve got to deal with germs and an increased risk of infection on top of all the commuting, wasted time, and rigid schedule that goes with visiting the office every day.

    Only if you could change your career to derive your financial strength from jobs that could be performed from home! But most careers are out of your reach.

    Some take years to train and learn, others require continued development; still, others have a steep learning curve.

    And sometimes the job prospects are not promising and you fear not making enough from the job to cover your expenses.

    You feel stuck.

    Don’t be! Transcription jobs from home are your way out. For starters, these jobs don’t require years of experience from the candidate. And you don’t have to worry about making ends meet. They pay well!
    Let’s analyze this career path in detail below.

    What is Transcription?

    Transcription jobs from home

    You may have come across those apps that convert audio content to text only to get frustrated by the results. These apps don’t pick the right words and make lots of mistakes.

    Also, these have only come around in the past few years. Before the introduction of these apps – and even in their presence thanks to their inefficiency, transcribers used to do this job.

    So, the primary job of these subscribers is to convert the audio content into text. This content can be from any field but the high-paying clients come from medical and legal businesses.

    Transcription Process

    Now, you might be thinking that transcription is an easy task that is soon to be taken over by bots. Make no mistake; this job is here to stay as it’s not as simple as it appears.

    Because most of the work is already done by the speaker in transcription services, we may assume that the job doesn’t require higher cognitive function.

    After all, it lacks specialized skills including researching, creating sentences, and data checking that might go into other parts of the content creation process.

    But this assumption is wrong. The fact is that transcription is just as demanding as any other content management process.

    It starts with a strong grip on language and sometimes it helps to understand more than one language when the script is delivered in multiple languages.

    Then, you have to rely on your listening skills. Active listening is the central skill that goes into transcribing.

    Typing is the only skill that presents physical – rather than mental – work. Then, you have to proofread the text so it spells right and makes sense. The most important requirement is the understanding of industry-specific jargon.

    Most legal and medical transcription works contain specialized terms that you can only understand if you have studied them. You cannot rely on your internet searching skills to understand and spell these names and phrases.

    Because of these higher cognitive functions of proofreading and constructing legible text based on research, past experience, and common sense; the job of transcription isn’t suitable for bots. And it will take years – or decades – for the AI-powered software to catch up on these skills.

    Simply put, if you are transitioning into audio transcription jobs, be assured that they aren’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

    But you may have to develop some skills to take up this career.

    Who is Qualified

    Technically, every adult with basic education, basic computer use knowledge, and a strong grip on language is qualified.

    As the transcription services can be rendered in different languages, people with proficiencies in different languages have a fair chance at securing a transcription job. However, these chances are higher for those proficient in English than for non-English people because of demand conditions.

    Education level is not specified for these jobs. But you should have enough comprehension capacity to understand the texts you are typing. At the same time, you should be able to use a computer. Although basic skills in computer use should be enough for you to pursue the career, it may hold you back from career advancements in the long run.

    To be presentable in this field, you have to demonstrate your MS Word and Excel skills along with a high typing speed. For most entry-level jobs, the typing speed shouldn’t fall below 45 words per minute. Sounds interesting? It may also be the perfect job for a teenager!

    You may also want to know some formats and styling guides of transcripts. If you invest your time in these skills, note that the styles may change from client to client based on their internal communication pro forma.

    What are the Requirements?

    You have to perform most of the transcription jobs from home. It means that it’s a bring-your-own-device job. To ensure efficiency and smooth workflow, you have to ensure that you have certain equipment.

    In addition to a reliable computer, the second most important thing that is indicated within job requirements by the clients is a stable internet connection. Once you have acquired these two prerequisites, you can start applying for the jobs.

    Clients often send the audio content in audio or video formats. To open these files, you may want to use specialized software.

    It’s recommended to use an application that is developed to respond to the needs of transcribers. The specialty of such software is that they allow you to pause and start the video or audio using hotkeys. Express Scribe is one great tool that allows these functions making transcribing easy for you.

    If you crave more productivity and higher returns from your skills, you would want to get efficiency-enhancing equipment and tools. The first thing that you should invest in is a quality headset.

    This headset should not only give clear sound while minimizing bass and background noise in the audio, but it should also be great at minimizing sound from the outside. A noise-blocking headset is a must-have if you are planning to work in a not-so-quiet room.

    For a job that requires higher levels of focus, the importance of quietness cannot be underestimated. So, try to allocate a corner at your home and plan some time when it’s quietest there.

    It may not be the most important piece of equipment for transcribers, but having a foot pedal boosts productivity significantly.

    The remarkable difference in the number of audio minutes you can cover in an hour of working justifies the price of this additional tool.

    Certificates and Training to Grow Your Transcription Career

    As said earlier, transcription work doesn’t require specialized training to bear fruits. Still, certificates are a great way to enhance your profile and attract the right clients.

    First of all, these certificates show the clients that you are committed to your career and aren’t any other hustler who is trying to build a few more bucks through transcriptions services.

    Secondly, these certificates equip you with certain skills that are needed to land high-paying jobs. So, if you want to start your career in medical transcription services, learning the formatting styles and internal terminology will set you apart from the crowd.

    In the end, these learning experiences also equip you with better listening, understanding, and typing skills increasing your productivity and potential to earn.

    Luckily, you don’t have to go back to school to learn these skills as all of these courses can be taken online.
    For those who are starting the career they can take Udemy’s course: Transcription Skills – Learn Beginning to Advanced Skills. For legal transcription, the best course comes from Transcribe Anywhere: Legal Transcription:

    Theory and Practice.

    For medical transcription skill development, you may choose AHDI-approved medical transcription course from Career Step.

    Job Perks

    Now you have determined all the things that are necessary for you to get high-paying transcription clients but you are concerned about the scope of this niche. You would be amazed to know that transcription services are in demand mostly in specialized industries including legal and medical service sectors. You can also find these jobs in the marketing sector after compromising on the payout.

    If you are offering specialized transcription services, you can easily earn upward of $15 per hour. In other words, you would be earning a living out of these services without leaving your home and after setting your own hours.
    Now don’t get me wrong. Hours are only somewhat flexible in these jobs and the flexibility depends on the client you have recruited. Note that some clients require the workers to work on shift thus defining the timing.

    Transcription Jobs from Home

    Transcription Jobs from Home

    Jobs for Beginners

    So, this career looks good to you after analyzing all parts of it? Now, let’s explore the markets that will hire your services once you are ready to work.

    1- Aberdeen

    Aberdeen-Transcription jobs from home

    A relatively small company, Aberdeen hires remote workers who work at a predefined time. It is not a marketplace for daily transcription jobs so don’t expect it to keep the registration open all over the year. But if you are looking to get stable transcriber jobs remote, you can bookmark the website and keep checking for job updates.

    2- 3 Play Media

    3 Play Media-Transcription jobs from home
    Source: 3 Play

    So, you are new to the transcription career – or you aren’t exactly new but are looking to advance your career! 3 Play Media is the right place to work with just the right pace to grow and perfect your skill.

    Quick and relevant feedback is the best feature of this company but you shouldn’t expect long-term work. The nature of work is similar to freelancing.

    3- Appen


    This is another marketplace for freelance transcribers. Likewise, you cannot expect them to replace your day job. Yet, you can include it as one among multiple streams of transcription jobs.

    The platform invites transcribers from all levels of experience including beginners. It operates in different countries including America, Canada, and India.

    4- Flexjobs

    flexjobs-Transcription jobs from home

    Before you sign up there to start searching for transcription jobs, know that this platform has thousands of remote jobs not just transcriptions. You will have to use filters and set preferences to search for the right jobs.

    You can get a variety of jobs here from general transcription to legal and medical.

    5- BabbleType

    BabbleType-Transcription jobs from home

    BabbleType is one of the most famous transcription jobs that don’t limit the job offers to experienced transcribers. Instead, you have to give a test transcribing text from the video. Jobs mostly include general transcription work. Please note that the platform is notorious for average payout.

    6- Castingwords

    Castingwords-Transcription jobs from home

    Check out its website to know if your country is included in the select few from where Castingwords source transcribers or not. It’s another beginner-level platform that is open to all experience levels provided you have proficiency in the English language.

    In addition to transcription work, you may flex your editing muscles by working on editing these transcripts. And you can also join the Quality Assurance department based on your skillset.

    7- CrowdSurf

    CrowdSurf-Transcription jobs from home

    In addition to great listening skills, the platform also requires the workers to offer a high level of accuracy. While most work can be categorized as general content, you may also get science-intensive and medical transcription work. This platform offers between 17 and 20 cents per audio minute.

    8- GMR Transcription


    This company is open to US residents only and the registration process is intensive with proper scrutiny of the candidates. So, you can be a beginner in this niche but you cannot be inefficient or lousy if you want to get past the recruitment process.

    But the pay rate compensates for the higher commitment to quality the company expects from its workers.

    9- Go Transcript


    It can be another stream of jobs to support your transcription income. Note that it’s not a full-time job in any way because of the irregularity of work that flows through it.

    If you are treating it as an additional source of income, it’s great because of reasonable compensation for every audio minute – that is 60 cents per minute.

    Most work covers general niches like marketing and information. But some jobs also specialize in medical and legal niches.


    If you have searched for online jobs, you must have come across this name. What have you learned about it so far? Is rev legit?

    Rev is, no doubt, the biggest platform to search for transcription jobs. It means that you are welcome on the platform as a freelancer thus creating your schedule and building your brand over time.

    At the same time, the company offers in-house positions also for transcribers. So, you can choose what works for you.

    If you choose the right Rev transcription jobs because of your skills and experience level, you will be amazed at the generous payout you can get from Rev. On top of general transcription work, the company also offers medical and legal work.

    11- Scribie


    If you are looking to replace your day job in the US or other first-world countries, Scribie might not be the right transcription job market for you.

    Take note of its low compensation level. It pays only up to $5 per hour. But it’s a great learning platform if you want to try your hand at the skill before jumping into a full-time transcription career.

    If you are living in those countries where the cost of living is low, Scribie is a great marketplace to earn $50 fast.

    12- Transcription Outsourcing LLC

    Transcription Outsourcing LLC

    Although the platform hires transcribers with all levels of experience, you will get higher rates if you have prior experience. Even if you are a newbie, you can start working here and build your profile to command higher rates. For every line of transcription, you get between 7 and 10 cents depending on the rate of the project.

    13- Way With Words

    Way With Words

    Do you comfortably understand and interpret different English accents? If yes, you would find good rates at Way with Words.

    The best part of this platform is the availability of training for beginner transcribers. You can get anywhere between 45 cents to $1.73 for transcribing an audio minute.

    14- Speechpad


    This is another opportunity for serious transcribers. The pay rate starts at 25 cents even per audio minute even for beginners.

    And you can amp up your earnings by specializing high paying niches and industries. Know that you have to continue using this platform for some time before you see a hike in your earnings.

    15- Tigerfish

    Source: Tigerfish

    If you are a US resident, Tigerfish is an entry-level transcription job market for you. The company pays per line and its rate ranges between 3 to 4 cents per line. When we translate it into an hourly rate, it becomes $7 to $10 per hour.

    You can see it’s not a suitable option to replace a day job but you can earn some extra bucks in your spare time.

    16- TranscribeMe


    This platform for freelance transcribers has proved itself to be one of the best markets. First, it accepts beginners and allows them to grow in skill using relevant feedback.

    Secondly, the work is paid well and reasonably. They also don’t put forth unrealistic demands on their workers.

    The only downside is the amount of work available so you have to take it as a side hustle rather than as a full-time job.

    17- Transcript Divas


    Transcription Divas is another platform that offers work-from-home transcription jobs. You can do the work from anywhere in the world and you don’t have to show your citizenship.

    The best feature of this platform is its high pay rate. The only requirement against this reasonable pay rate is quality.

    The company relies on the efficiency and quality of its workers to offer unmatched quality of transcribed text on time.

    Transcription Jobs with Experience

    So, we have covered all the jobs that accept beginner transcribers. Some of these pay reasonable rates. But most aren’t so generous. That’s because higher pay comes with a higher career level and more experience.

    So, if you have gained confidence in your skills but are still looking for work that meets your skills and experience level, you should check out those marketplaces that hire only experienced transcribers.

    Here are some of these websites.

    18- Cambridge Transcriptions


    For quality freaks, this is the best opportunity to earn extra bucks while enhancing your skills. The company only requires a single year of experience in the field.

    The best thing is that the organization is backed by professional institutes and businesses. In other words, the work is not only specialized mostly, it also pays a premium for quality and style.

    19- Pioneer Transcription Services

    Pioneer Transcription Services
    Source: Pioneer Transcription

    One of the quality firms that hire qualified and experienced professionals, Pioneer Transcription Services knows how to retain this talent.

    In other words, pay is commendable and you get access to specialized content to work on. Other than transcription, the company works on other areas of content creation as well. These include translation and editing.

    20- Quicktate


    If accuracy is your plus point, Quicktate might be looking for you. On top of prior experience, this organization also wants its workers to pass the test.

    The work is not merely transcribing marketing videos. Instead, the company has an established clientele that wants to document their internal communication regularly.

    For medical work only, the company pays 0.5 cents for each transcribed work.

    21- Speakwrite


    So you have confidence in your typing speed and convert listened words into text without mistakes. Speakwrite may allow you to increase your earnings without making lots of promises.

    In essence, it’s best for those transcribers that fall in the intermediate level of expertise. The pay rate is 0.5 to 0.6 cents per word which can translate into $10 to $17 per hour.

    22- M*Modal

    Source: M*

    Not just transcription of medical video content, this company provides services for complete medical documentation. For remote work, it has open positions for medical transcribers only. You can expect high rates. However, you also need to demonstrate your proficiency and understanding of medical terminology and styling.

    23- Net Transcripts


    If you are looking to do legal transcription jobs, Net Transcripts is the platform you should be analyzing. Projects include insurance, police, and law enforcement content.

    The pay is dependable and you can earn a livable wage in the peaks. But available jobs don’t remain plentiful around the year leaving you to add other platforms to your income streams as well.

    24- Allegis


    Allegis comes at a higher career level in transcription job markets with specialized jobs concentrated in legal writing. As you can assume, the pay is lucrative. And they help you with induction training you to perform your best from the beginning. You can earn between $13 and $17 per hour.

    Because of variable workflow, you can add it to a collection of transcription job platforms instead of relying on it solely to pay your bills.

    25- eScribers


    Are you an experienced legal transcriber? eScriber might be interested in hiring you. The platform also includes those transcribers who have experience in general transcriptions but are looking to specialize in legal writings.
    Although pay is not the best on this platform, you will get plenty of work to keep you busy. Apply if you are eligible to work in the US, apply now.

    Take Away

    There were 25 platforms to find transcription jobs from home. These jobs are easy to attain if you have relevant skills and tools. The best thing about this career path is the easy setup.

    You may need a little more commitment than you would need for making money out of games but this commitment is nothing when compared to what you would require in other work-from-home jobs. You don’t have to spend years in university to get qualified for this job. Still, it pays decently if you have looked in the right places.


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