A deep-dive into the Tutflix website. How did the site become popular for obtaining courses on a plethora of topics and what other alternatives are out there?

    Covid-19 had a major impact on a lot of peoples’ lives. It made learning and getting information on topics extremely difficult. With the closure of educational institutes, it became extremely difficult for students to study. Students from all over the world were forced to stay home and watch how the situation unfolds.

    Different educational alternatives were developed but all of them ended up failing. It became almost impossible for students to get the same education online as they did on campus. Online classes were hard to focus on and understand leaving many students unsure and uninterested.

    During this difficult time, multiple online platforms came forward that helped the students and fulfilled their academic needs. These platforms offered courses on a wide variety of topics that made them essential in this period. These platforms also offered video courses that were both engaging and interesting for the students. Tutflix was one of these platforms.

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    What is Tutflix?

    Essentially, Tutflix is an online learning platform. It has thousands of registered courses that you can join based on your needs and requirements. You can learn about a wide array of topics with the help of notes as well as useful video lectures. The courses are very informative and engaging so you will never feel like you are wasting your time or money.

    Tutflix has paid courses but there are also free courses available. The free courses have the same high quality as the paid courses and can help you expand your knowledge and learn new things.

    Courses Offered By Tutflix

    As stated above, the Tutflix platform consists of thousands of courses. These courses are on a plethora of topics so you are guaranteed to benefit from the site despite your area of interest. There are courses available on multiple things including Technology,  Languages, Mathematical topics, Lifestyle, Programming, Fitness, Marketing, and Business just to name a few.

    The platform is most popular for the language courses that they offer. It does not matter whether you want to learn English, French, Hindi, or Chinese, a course will be available for it. All the courses available on the site are extremely detailed and educational. So, you are surely going to take something away after going through it.

    How Can You Register To The Tutflix Platform?

    The registration process on Tutflix is extremely simple. As the platform offers a lot of free courses, you don’t have to initially worry about adding payment details. You can create an account seamlessly if you have a Gmail account. You can simply link it here and get started. However, if you don’t have a Gmail account, you can follow a series of steps to get started. These steps include;

    • Visit the Tutflix homepage and click on the Register button.
    • Enter a username and an Email ID.
    • Select a password that you will later use to log in to the site
    • Click Accept after reading the terms and conditions and then finish it off by clicking on the Register button.

    Why Should You Use Tutflix?

    Now you might be asking yourself why I should choose Tutflix. There are other online learning platforms available so what makes Tutflix special? To answer that question, we have come up with a series of factors that make Tutflix stand out;

    A Large Library of Books and Courses

    The Tutflix library is large and extremely comprehensive. The platform consists of hundreds of thousands of video and literary courses on a multitude of subjects. This large quantity ensures that you will end up with great information and knowledge.

    The Platform is Primarily Free to Use

    A large chunk of the content available on the Tutflix platform is free to use. So, you can learn about a series of important topics without spending a single penny. However, some courses require you to pay a small fee to access them, but those are few and far between.

    Amazing Customer Service

    The Tutflix.org platform provides all its users with amazing customer service. If you have an issue regarding anything on the site, you can easily contact them. Their customer service is fast and extremely responsive so they will get back to you in a matter of hours.

    Best Tutflix Alternatives

    Similar to any educational platform out there, Tutflix might have some shortcomings as well. These issues might force you to look for other alternatives that are available out there. Luckily for you, there is a long list of platforms that offer courses on different topics. These platforms are rated based on the content and the price to avail the content on it. So, we will discuss a few of those platforms here;


    Udemy is arguably the biggest platform when it comes to learning. They offer courses on a wide array of topics. If you can think of something to learn there is a good chance they will have a course available for it. However, Udemy might not be ideal for some users because some of its courses are extremely pricey


    Skillshare is a perfect alternative for people who want to learn about different creative fields. This site provides easy-to-understand courses on creative subjects like music, animation, creative writing, and photography just to name a few. The platform also offers multiple free courses that make it a great competitor to Tutflix


    Coursera is the best platform when it comes to academic learning. The platform has classes from some of the best teachers in the world. Courses are available on a large variety of topics and are guaranteed to provide the information that you are looking for. The video lectures that are available on the site have a classroom feel to them. This look and feel helps create an online college class environment that will help you get focused and ready to learn.


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