Have you come across someone who recommended you to try aerobics? It’s an exercise that comes with several options that guarantee better health. But which of them should you try? The types of aerobics you follow will depend on what you want to improve. It could be your heart health, your weight, or your health as a whole. What’s great is that it’s also good for beginners.

    Whether you’re new to exercise or just starting, here are five aerobic exercises you can try.

    1. Interval Training

    Interval Training
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    Many trainers suggest doing interval training as an addition to other cardio workouts if you want to speed up weight loss. It’s one way to challenge your body to go beyond its comfort zone.

    It works by starting an exercise at your regular pace. Then push it for a minute or two more before going back until you complete your recovery.

    Depending on the intensity of the workout, you can get these benefits:

    • Burn more calories and fat
    • Increase metabolic rate
    • Gain muscle
    • Improve oxygen consumption
    • Reduce heart rate and blood pressure
    • Reduce blood sugar
    • Increase endurance

    2. Walking

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    The simplest exercise on the list of aerobics is walking for obvious reasons. But it’s also one of the best available because you can adjust it to your needs.

    The pace of your walk depends on your stamina and fitness levels, so you can customize it to how much you want to improve.

    Unlike other exercises, it doesn’t require equipment or gear. All you need is a pair of shoes to head out!

    3. Jumping Rope

    Jumping Rope
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    You probably know jumping rope from when you were younger, but it’s also a well-known exercise. Jumping rope uses coordination and control, making it a great workout.

    Like walking, you can adjust the pace as much as you want by increasing or decreasing the speed and duration. But usually, as an aerobic exercise, you only need to jump like normal for as long as your legs can handle it.

    4. Cycling

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    Cycling is another aerobic exercise that’s familiar to you. It’s something most people do as a sport, a workout, or even a hobby.

    No matter how intense or quick your biking session is, it provides the same benefits. Biking uses body fat as fuel, so it’s great cardio too.

    Even if you cycle at your usual pace, these effects apply. That makes it an excellent exercise to freshen up or intensify your training.

    5. Step Aerobics

    Step Aerobics
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    Generally, step aerobics is a form of training where you step on and off a platform repeatedly. It changes in pace, method, or pattern once in a while.

    One of the best things about it is getting the benefits of a high-intensity cardio routine without stressing your joints. On top of that, it doesn’t take too long to get used to it.

    Try These Types of Aerobics to Improve Your Health

    Participating in different types of aerobics can introduce you to a world of exercise and health. They don’t always have to be hardcore workouts. Sometimes, even a quick cycle or a morning walk will suffice. After all, you can always improve from there.

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