When you are looking for a Pool Cover that can provide an array of benefits such as ease of maintenance to lowering the maintenance cost then Automatic Safety Pool Cover is the right fight for you. And they can be easily fitted on the old as well as the new Swimming Pools. But when it comes to making the Pool along with Poll Cover safer and sound for your family members, friends, Guests, or Pets at your house it is eminently and equally important to look for the right kind of Track Options. As it will enhance the fitting and safety of the Pool Cover.

    Without wasting a minute let’s move further and look at the different kinds of Track System Options for Pool Cover Options that are available in the market and are mentioned Below.

    Different Kinds of Track System Options for Installation of Pool Covers:

    Altogether there are three different kinds of Track systems available in the market: under-the-track, Recessed Top Track, and Deck Mount Top Track systems. The kind of Track system wants to choose from is mainly based on 3 different questions such as:

    • What is the Shape of the Pool?
    • The exact location of the Cover Track.
    • At what time the track is being Installed?

    So before choosing the one, keep all these questions in mind as it will help you get the best and most precise results once the whole process ends and it will be worth every penny you have spent on it.

    Automatic Pool Cover Under Track System

    Automatic Pool Cover Under Track System
    source: coverstarcanada.com

    This type of track is best and to be fitted for pools in a rectangular shape. It is coupled with a drive system that is installed in a covered box underneath your deck. The track is put beneath the coping to keep it hidden from the eyes of everyone and give the installation a tidy and neat appearance.

    There are two methods for actually attaching the track:

    • The first is to secure it to the coping underside of the deck.
    • The Second option is what we can call Encapsulation. When done by this method on the pool wall, aluminum encapsulation is attached, and the coping is directly installed or poured onto it, as it helps to keep intact in its place. It applies to all the different kinds of Pools and helps in Pool Maintenance.

    Automatic Pool Covers Recessed Top Track System

    Automatic Pool Covers Recessed Top Track System
    source: capcovers.com

    This type of Track system is almost the same as the Under Track System but the major difference is that the entire drive system is mounted below in a mounted box altogether. However, it is situated outside of the pool’s shape or along the edges of the pool, not mounted beneath the coping.

    For this kind of track system, two mounting options are available:

    The main choice is named Standard Top Track Mounting on the upper side of the Deck of the Pool. It is made to make generally consistent visual progress from the cover to the pool deck thanks to its position of safety and adjusted edges. Moreover, it is an incredible option for introducing a programmed well-being cover on a freestyle molded pool since it lies outside the shape of the pool.

    In the Second option recessed is given the top most importance. It is positioned such that it will be flush with the top of the finished pool deck and attached along the edges of the pool before the pool deck is poured. Considering a recessed track is important when organizing your pool installation.

    Automatic Pool Covers Deck Mount System

    When a pool owner wants to work and renovate their pre-existing pool Deck Mount is the safest option to go with. The low profile track and the entire drive mechanism are placed onto the top of the Deck of the Pool. As the drive mechanism is placed on the top of the deck often it is covered by a table. This just does not cover the mechanism but gives an aesthetic look to the deck and serves as a sitting place for the people using the Pool.

    Learn More About Your Pool

    source: 385swim.com

    Before installing your Swimming Pool, it would be a good idea to get an automated safety cover. In this manner, the track can be accommodated in the least noticeable manner possible. But as was already mentioned, a pool can get an automatic safety cover at any time. Plan the ideal pool project for you and your family, complete with a cover.


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