If you are looking to build a side income, under the table jobs can help you. Beware that you need to be careful in selecting the job type before starting investing in it because some of these jobs may pay lower than the average hourly rate prevalent in regular jobs.

    If you want extra money to supplement your basic income, under the table jobs give you the opportunity you are looking for.

    Note that these jobs can become a great side hustle when you are just starting. However, as you move ahead, you will find that the compensation is too low as compared to the efforts you are giving. It is because under the table jobs compensation doesn’t match the compensation against the time you put in a day job.

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    Because of the low pay that comes with these jobs, they are suitable only as a side income, or when you are in urgent need of extra cash, or when you can’t find regular employment.

    Although most forms of unreported employment pay low hourly rates, if you turn them into an established hustle or you create a business out of them, you can expect higher than average returns. A few jobs that pay under the table are lucrative for example, marketing, social media management, and online tutoring.

    The key to remaining satisfied with your under the table jobs in the long-term lies in carefully choosing the option that suits your talents as well as pays well.

    Under The Table Jobs For Quick Cash Or As Side Hustle

    Here are 25 ideas that may help you build a side income.



    Babysitting is the first idea that comes to mind when you brainstorm the first job for your pre-teen kid. But that’s not a kids’ only job. Anyone who likes kids and babies is eligible for these roles which – unsurprisingly – are abundant in every locality.

    Recently, the pandemic and post-pandemic social system has converted this – once-neglected – job into a lucrative business idea. If you are actively marketing, you can get a packed schedule to help several families at an hourly rate that is twice the minimum hourly rate in your locality.

    Note that, it is one of those niches that are saturated and require you to incessantly market your offer.

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    Giving tuitions to k-12 students allows you to develop a constant stream of income. Unlike babysitting, children would avail your services regularly allowing you to keep your schedule predictable.

    Add online tutoring to your portfolio of services and you will gain access to more lucrative markets and localities.

    When you offer your teaching services online, almost every skill becomes profitable. You can offer help with every subject from science to math to English and other languages.

    The rate you charge will depend on your skills and marketing efforts. On average, expect an hourly rate of $22.

    Pet Grooming

    Pet Grooming

    Just like any other side hustle, pet grooming career – or side career – the profits you make from pet grooming depend more on how much marketing you are doing and less on your skills.

    It doesn’t mean that this hustle doesn’t require skills. It does and if you want your marketing to remain effective in the long term, you have to ensure that your skills are more refined than those of your competitors in this niche.

    And only jump into this bandwagon if you love pets. Mostly, the animals that will become your clients will be cats and dogs but you should also ready yourself to groom birds and rabbits.



    Writing is a broad term. When we talk about writing as a side hustle, we mostly mean writing for the online audience. Its different niches include copywriting, ebook writing, blogging, social media post writing.

    If you want to take up this career, you should have strong research skills together with a reliable command of the language. By the way, most of the content available online is in English. But you can also offer services in other languages to niche down your clients. Note that you may find it more difficult to reach and attract clients if you choose a language other than English.

    The pay range for this side hustle is wide. While most organizations pay according to the project complexity and hours worked, if you target individuals, you will be looking at per word rate.

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    Graphic Designing

    Graphic Designing

    This is another job that pays according to projects. Before you jump into this career, understand your potential and how much time you need to complete a project of a certain complexity. This way, you can use your hourly rate to quote a d project based-price.

    Unlike the previous jobs I have listed, this one requires prior skills. Also, you will have to invest in designing tools and software. Graphic designing extends a lucrative career and you can maintain your hourly rate at upward of $20.

    However, you can only take it up as a freelance gig when you have prior experience as well as an academic background to match the requirements of most gigs. Even if you have to go back to school to get these skills, this investment is worth it.



    You can experience sporadic demand for this gig if your marketing efforts are mediocre. But when you get an opportunity, you would appreciate the returns it will generate.

    This is another job that requires technical knowledge from the pursuant. First, you have to understand lighting, colors, and angles to take the right shots. Then, you should know the editing techniques to get the job done.

    As most money-making photography jobs involve people and social gatherings, you will have to exhibit strong social skills to get the job done.

    If you are documenting high-end clients, you should expect an hourly rate of up to $500. Don’t forget that you need a presentable experience record and remarkable marketing skills to reach this rate.



    Becoming a chef for some individuals and families is only one of the jobs that pay cash under the table that you can acquire with this skill. There are lots of other options to earn the extra cash without committing to a set schedule.

    You can start with registering with food delivery apps like Grubhub and Doordash. There you can sell your food – at your time – to earn extra bucks. Or you can do it individually with word-of-mouth marketing or networking.

    In that case, however, you will have to handle the delivery issues and you may end up giving more time to your hustle than what you previously permitted.

    Another method is to sell frozen items. This will allow freedom of time but may reduce the revenue you earn.

    Offering your services for events is also an option. Although it will impact your work-life balance, the return is considerable.

    Virtual Assistance

    Virtual Assistance

    If remote working is what you are looking for among jobs that pay cash near me, becoming a virtual assistant is what you should consider. As you can imagine, this gig has no definite set for the job description. It might change from employer to employer.

    Yet the underlying skills mostly remain the same. First, you should have a sound  understanding of computer-assisted planning, research, and documentation tools.

    Secondly, you should be a savvy researcher. And thirdly, you have to understand what goes into communicating over the internet.

    Depending on your skills and the employer you are targeting, you can earn anywhere between $7 and $80 per hour.

    House Sitting

    House Sitting

    It is a new gig that is taking over the market. You can safely say that this job requires almost zero technical skills. All you need is a profound knowledge of survival skills and you are good to housesit.

    In this job, you have to take care of a house after its residents are gone. The residents will compensate you in monetary terms – as salary – and in non-monetary terms – as permission to live in the house.

    Pet Training

    Pet Training


    The first requirement of this gig is love for animals. If you fulfill this requirement, the next skill you need to have is to understand pets and their learning behaviors. Also, you should have some tricks up your sleeves to train the furry fellows.

    You can earn between $22 and $28 per hour in this job.

    Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    If you understand consumer behavior and have worked with a few brands to boost their digital marketing game, this field is for you. Essentially, digital marketing is simple, conventional marketing across the internet.

    The tricks are different for two types of publicity. But it shouldn’t be a big deal for any person who knows the use of social media and knows how to get information from the internet.

    Tour Guiding

    Tour Guiding

    A tour guide is a person who entertains tourists by showing them the tourist site. To become a tour guide, all you need is an understanding of the site and its history. You would also want to know the interesting places and activities to do there.

    This knowledge will allow you to help your clients with planning their trips.

    For those of you who reside near a tourist attraction, there are two routes to becoming a tour guide. You can get yourself affiliated with a tourism company or you hunt your clients from bus stops, airports, or hotels directly.

    Sport Coaching

    Sport Coaching

    This is a great opportunity to convert your passion into cold hard cash.

    Of course, it requires prior knowledge and skill of the given sport but acquiring those prerequisites shouldn’t be a problem for you if you are passionate about this activity.

    At first, you might find it hard to acquire desired clients, but if you search the right places – schools and sports grounds – you would find interested clients.

    Nail Technician

    Nail Technician

    It is one of those gigs that have acquired tremendous attention during the pandemic. As people have started spending more time indoors, they prefer to get themselves groomed within the comfort of their homes.

    This has resulted in decreased activity at beauty salons and increased demand for freelancers providing the service at home.

    If you have what it takes to become a celebrated nail technician, you would find your schedule packed with reasonable marketing efforts.

    Web Designer

    Web Designer

    With more businesses going online, the need for an online presence is increasing day by day. A website makes an important front for most businesses’ online marketing needs. And they need it to look professional and user-friendly.

    But bear in mind that web designing today is different from what it was five years ago. Now, the colors and themes of the webpage make up just a small part of the whole ordeal. You also have to understand customers’ intent and place navigation tools accordingly.

    Mobile-friendliness has become an important requirement for these designs. And you have to understand loading time for different elements to speed up the process.

    Luckily, because of the high demand for this skill, you wouldn’t see a dry spell if you are searching the right markets.



    This gig is a little more capital intensive than some other skills in this article. But if you love plants and have an eye for detail, there can’t be a better task than gardening.

    Most traditional methods of marketing work for this gig. So, get the required skills and equipment and spread the word.

    Personal Trainer

    Personal Trainer - under the table jobs

    Do you know what it takes to attain a fit body? Do you have a passion for bodybuilding and training?

    If you answered yes to these questions, you have another option to adopt as a side hustle.

    You may have to do lots of marketing to reach enough clients to fill your calendar but once you get the right jobs, you can easily charge up to $50 per hour.

    Personal Assistance

    Personal Assistance - under the table jobs

    This sub-category of virtual assistance focuses on helping entrepreneurs and busy personnel in planning their days. You have to coordinate with their clients, employees, suppliers, and relatives after understanding their needs and goals to develop their daily schedule.

    For saving their precious time, you can charge between $20 and $30 per hour.

    Social Media Manager

    Social Media Manager - under the table jobs

    This gig is also a sub-category of digital marketing. Obviously, it focuses on a smaller marketing area that is through social media. Your job can be anything from creating awareness among the target clients or getting sales after building a relationship with them.

    You may also act as a customer relationship officer that answers queries across social media platforms.

    Personal Shopping

    Personal Shopping - under the table jobs

    This is the most personal level job and requires minimal skills. Likewise, don’t expect it to pay lucrative compensation.

    All you have to do under this gig is to shop merchandise on behalf of your client and deliver these supplies to their homes or offices – wherever they have asked you to deliver.


    Consultation - under the table jobs

    Consultation is a broad term and can include anything from financial consultation to psychological counseling. You may also engage in career counseling under this umbrella.

    It is one of the few under-the-table jobs that require expert knowledge and skill. In return, the revenues paid by it are attractive.


    Hairdressing - under the table jobs

    Just like nail dressing, you can let your clients avail your hair care services at their homes. Charge upward of $40 for every at-home session you conduct.


    Baking - under the table jobs

    If baking is your specialty, you don’t have to join a bakery to use your talents. Bake items at home and sell them via social media or traditional marketing.

    Quick rentals

    Quick rentals - under the table jobs

    It is not a gig but a form of passive income. If you reside in an area with lots of tourism opportunities and happen to have a spare room at your home, you can avail this opportunity of renting out your space to earn passive income.


    Programming - under the table jobs

    Programming is the most in-demand skill these days. And you don’t have to remain stuck at a nine-to-five job to earn good money out of it.

    You can use a freelancing platform or build your personal brand to gain exposure and reach high-paying clients.

    How To Make Money Under The Table

    There were 25 different jobs that pay under the table. If you are interested in building a career in any of those, note that getting clients with these jobs requires more effort than getting regular jobs. It’s because clients who offer these jobs seldom advertise. Also, most of the clients only want a few hours a week from you.

    If you really want to make a living out of these jobs, you have to be vigilant and keep growing your clientele to earn a livable income.

    If you are stuck and questioning ‘how to find under the table jobs’, look at the nature of the job. Where do its clients mostly hang out? If your service is labor-intensive, you need to look around your neighborhood to find opportunities. If it includes virtual work, digital – especially social media marketing – is your best bet.

    Take Away

    Under the table jobs are the go-to gigs that you would search for if you run out of cash and want a fast replenishment. But for some people who want to have their own schedule or who want to build a side income, these quick jobs for cash can turn long-term.

    There is no harm in pursuing them as a career until you are documenting your income and filing taxes accordingly.

    This article details a few under the table jobs that you can pursue to earn quick as well as sustainable income.

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