KPIs, also known as key point indicators, are a crucial aspect of every campaign you wish to run in the market because they provide you with all the necessary metrics to make proper deductions.

    In addition to that, the most significant plus point and the main reason why companies and organizations adopt the idea of key performance indicators is that they provide employees with a set of goals and targets they have to work towards when running different campaigns.

    It is a known fact in the market that the success of every campaign is mainly dependent on these key performance indicators, due to which these indicators are being implemented in every marketing agency Detroit has to offer.

    Let us discuss this further and understand KPIs and how they are crucial for your campaign.

    What are KPIs?

    To fully understand some crucial key point indicators helpful for your campaign, let us first understand precisely what KPIs are.

    By definition, KPI, also known as a critical performance indicator, is a value that can be recorded and measured so that these values can successfully evaluate a worker.

    There are a lot of indicators that can help you determine this, with the primary purpose of them acting as a measure of how successful an organization is in reaching the goals they have set.

    When considering the business world, these indicators can either be on a high level or boil down to a specific department.

    A high-level KPI can usually be used to evaluate the performance of your business as a whole entity. An example of such an indicator is achieving a specific revenue for the fiscal year.

    However, in the case of low-level KPIs, they can involve a process that has been drilled down and is covered by specific departments and teams.

    Some Vital Video Marketing KPIs

    Countless indicators are being utilized in many industries, and the same can be said for video marketing.

    A recent survey showed that nearly 68% of the entire consumer spend considerable time watching videos posted on social media.

    Many marketing agencies took notice of this rising trend and started implementing different ways to tap into this market.

    This gave birth to video marketing, and thousands of companies and organizations currently use video marketing for advertising their product.

    However, due to the staggering amount of key performance indicators in the market, often ascertaining what KPIs would be needed for your campaign becomes tricky.

    However, we have prepared a list of crucial key performance indicators for every campaign.


    Impressions are an indicator that essentially defines the number of times your content has been shown to the viewers, and if that same viewer views your content twice, it is considered two impressions.

    This is considered an essential indicator that can help you determine your content’s overall traffic.

    In addition to that, this metric can also assist you in determining what level of awareness the campaign you have devised has garnered in the market and can help you make sure that the content you are launching on any platform is not repeated or redundant.

    Many factors can affect the impression rate of the content that you have launched. An example is that your content can have a low impression count because it does not conform to the company guidelines, or the keywords may not be sufficient.


    As the name suggests, this indicator measures the number of people your content has reached since it was published on the platform.

    This key performance indicator is considered crucial for your campaign because it can help the publisher determine the best time to publish their content.

    This works because the publisher can compare the reach of their content at different times. This can help them determine when the reach is at its peak and post their content only around their time to maximize the exposure their content receives.


    One of the most crucial indicators in the case of video marketing, views are measured in different ways across specific platforms.

    Due to this, it is considered good practice to look at how each platform measures its views before going into further analysis.

    An example of this is that when someone goes to a video, for it to be considered as a view, the video has to be viewed for a minimum of 30 seconds.

    However, other platforms, such as Instagram, count it as a view if someone reaches the 3-second mark when viewing a video posted there.

    Unique Users

    User count must be considered because it helps measure the traffic a company receives for its videos.

    Due to this, the measurement of the number of unique users is a crucial KPI, mainly because it is a metric that is more accurate if compared to impressions.

    Additionally, it can help organizations compare and quantify the difference between the former and the current number of people who have watched this video.


    The primary purpose of this article is to make you understand the importance of using the right key performance indicators for video marketing.

    Due to their role of providing organizations with quantifiable results needed to measure their performance in the market, the integration of KPIs is crucial to every campaign.

    However, due to the sheer number of KPIs available in the market, choosing the right ones can often become overwhelming, but adopting some of the KPIs mentioned above will surely help you. 

    The results obtained from this will be what you need to measure and determine what direction to take your marketing strategy.


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