People have become more aware than ever of the environment and the damage that humans have done to the planet. While it may seem impossible to do anything about the biggest pollutants, such as industry or even reduce your use of the automobile, anything you can do will help.

    That starts with segregating your waste as this creates more items to be recycled and less to go to traditional landfill sites. The good news is that this is much easier to do than you may think. All you have to do is spend a little time preparing your waste disposal options and then adhere to the rules you’ve created.

    Add Sanitary Bins


    If you’re running a business and provide toilet facilities for staff then you need to use the experts in sanitary bins Sydney. Having dedicated sanitary bins means that this part of your waste is kept hygienic and is disposed of safely by an approved company.

    You may not have considered doing the same at home but it is an option. If you don’t want to use the professionals then add a separate bin for sanitary waste in your bathroom(s). By having a bag inside the bin you’ll find it easy to empty and dispose of properly.

    Get A Composter


    Segregating waste is essential to ensure as much as possible is recycled. But, any waste that can decompose naturally shouldn’t be included in your rubbish. Instead, get a composter for your garden and choose a good spot for it.

    All food scraps and garden waste can be put into the composter. Over time, you’ll have some great compost to help keep lawns and plants healthy. It keeps the majority of wet waste from going into your bins.

    Add Several Bins

    Add Several Bins

    Of course, if you want to segregate waste properly you’re going to need more than one bin. Take a moment to consider how many bins you need. At the least, it will be one for recycling and one for landfill. Items such as used tissues, unwashed food containers, hazardous material, and even foam, cannot be recycled. They will need to go into one bin.

    Other items, such as plastic bottles, cardboard, paper, glass, and even metal can be recycled. To establish what you will recycle and how many bins you need it’s a good idea to think about what you throw away. Consider whether it can be collected by your local council or if it is a more specialist disposal. Anything that can be collected can go into one bin. Put a sign over the bin stating exactly what is allowed. It will make it easier for everyone.

    Other items, such as glass and metal, need to go to a specialist for recycling. It’s a good idea to mention this in your bin area and then create different collection points for these materials. They can then be taken to a dedicated recycling point or you may want to get them collected regularly. It will depend on how much of this type of waste you produce.

    With a little effort, it is surprisingly easy to recycle most of your household or office waste and help to save the planet.


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