Do you have a few spare ribbons at home? Of course, you must, as everyone uses them to brighten their gifts. However, do you know there are many uses for ribbons besides tying on gifts? Yes, you can use it to create multiple arts and crafts items, like hair bows or even a chandelier. The latter is when you become a pro at creating small things out of ribbons. It is a great way to pass the time, but creative uses of ribbons can help you create unique pieces for your home and others.

    If you love creating things, using ribbons to make cute things should be on your radar. Are you looking for inspiration to start? Try these ideas below.

    Idea 1: Bracelets

    It is a creative activity you can do with your kids, and the result is something usable-bracelets. This creative activity uses ribbons and yogurt cups to make pretty bracelets. Try this activity if your kids are having a slumber party, or it works well for a birthday party too.

    For this eco-friendly craft, you need a few empty yogurt containers, ribbons, a knife, and a hot glue gun. First, cut the yogurt containers into a small circle that fits the hand. Next, hot glue one side and start wrapping ribbons all over it; once it covers the entire container, hot glue the ends together and cut off the remaining ribbon.

    Idea 2: Decorative ribbon balls

    Ribbon balls are a cute décor piece for a birthday or wedding event. Choose a cute bowl and add these ribbon balls to it. You can use ribbons matching your party or wedding theme or use ribbons with patterns and prints to give it a unique look. They also make a perfect Christmas tree décor item.

    For this, you need a ball (a small one or anything circular). Hot glue one end and wrap a ribbon or a patterned ribbon around the entire thing. Hot glue the next end and cut off the remaining ribbon. You can add sparkles to it or get creative with it, especially if it’s for Christmas.

    Idea 3: Ribbon flowers

    Scraps of ribbon are not the only thing to use in creative projects. You also need a few buttons, so either use the scraps from a project or get new ones to make ribbon flowers. They are cute, easy to make, and look perfect. You can use these ribbon flowers to decorate your kid’s headband or to enhance a simple bag. Follow these instructions to make these pretty ribbon flowers in no time.

    Idea 4: Bridal Garter

    Want something handmade at your wedding? Try making a bridal garter using ribbons. Yes, it looks so pretty, and you will surely impress everyone.

    To make this, you need a satin ribbon, sheer ribbon, elastic, a safety pin, scissors, and a pin. Easily available items that you can use to create a bridal garter with the help of 30 Minute Crafts

    Idea 5: Ribbon wands

    Do you have a kid who loves Cinderella and is looking to own a wand? Then make this lace ribbon wand for your kid and let her enjoy being a fairy godmother granting wishes. It is a simple idea, as you only need a few wood pieces shaped like a wand. Use hot glue to stick a lace ribbon at one end. Add bells and other things to make it cute and sparkly.

    Idea 6: Ribbon Wreath

    Christmas is around the corner, and it’s time to start decorating. Instead of buying a Christmas wreath this year, make one at home using ribbons. For this project, you will need a wreath base, and to make it look festive, it is best to use silver or golden ribbon. Include children to make this a fun family activity.

    Idea 7: Ribbon bookmarks

    You will not buy expensive bookmarks after using this DIY. This is because there are so many ways to make a ribbon bookmark. For instance, you can tie a bunch of bookmarks together, sticking one end to a sturdy piece of paper or anything. Another way to make it is to use cardboard.

    Ribbons are a beautiful vibrant thread to make pretty things for decoration, fun, and more. Try these ideas and share a few of yours too


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