Instagram is an app with billions of followers. Every day, the app surprises its users with its updates in features. The app always settles down. It keeps up the engagement with the users. Recently Instagram has rolled out various features, and one interesting feature is ‘Grid pinning.’ Have you ever experienced a drastic drop in reach and engagement? Grid pinning will help you better with promotions. Moreover, you can buy instagram impressions so that you can easily make your brand reach more elevated in the online market.  

    The guide below will help you know better about the Instagram Grid pinning feature. So let’s get started to learn more about the feature! 

    What Is the Instagram Grid Pinning Feature?

    Instagram pinning feature is a familiar concept that has already been in apps like Twitter and Tiktok. Instagram allows users to pin their favorite stories to their profiles. When you pin to your profile, you can quickly increase visibility. As soon as any user enters your profile, they will see the pinning post, so there are high possibilities to increase the likes, comments, and shares of the particular posts. Instagram now allows users to pin three posts at the top of the profile, which may be a reel, photo or video, etc. The viewers will get the pinning post as it is on top of the profile. 

    Why Pin Your Posts on Your Instagram Profile?

    Many marketers may doubt, Why is it important to pin your Instagram posts? If you pin specific posts on the profile, you can highlight the best post of your profile. The pinned posts are the best examples and shots of a particular profile. If you give out the best impression, there are high chances of increasing followers and boosting the ROI.

    Sometimes, pinning helps to have higher conversion rates. After pining the post, check the metrics and look for the difference. There will be an enormous increase in the engagement rate. Moreover, the credibility of a brand or individual may increase through grid pinning. 

    Is That Grid Pinning a Helpful Feature?

    Of course, the answer is yes! This feature helps to understand what other users are currently into and what they consider the most important. In addition, when it comes to business, it helps to analyze your competitors. You can check on what was their more significant move on business by looking at the pinning posts. With easy changeability, users can change their pinned posts then and there. Instagram pinning feature allows users to pin not only the best posts but also the best reels. 

    How to Pin Your Post on Your Instagram Profile?

    Before you begin the process, ensure that you have the current version of the Instagram app. Follow the instructions below to pin your post or reel on your profile, 

    • Open the Instagram app, then open your profile. 
    • Check out the best feeds that you want to pin on the profile. 
    • After selecting the particular posts, you can tap on the three dots option in the upper right corner of each post. 
    • Now you will see a menu where you can click on the option ‘ Pin to your profile. 
    • Now check out your profile to see whether it has been pinned. 

    You will see a white pin icon in the right corner of your posts. That’s how it works! Most people pin to their recent updates. Once pinned, it is pinned forever until the user removes it. You must follow the same workflow for reels to be pinned in your profile. The pinned posts are seen on the top of your grids.

    How to Unpin Instagram Posts From the Profile?

    Similarly, to unpin your posts, tap on the three dots and open the menu. Toggle and click on the option ‘ Unpin from the profile,’ and now it occurs. Usually, when you unpin the post, it goes on in chronological order. Once unpinned, confirm it by watching the profile. Additionally, if you exceed the pin limit, the app will notify you that ‘ Pin limit reached.’ Furthermore, if you want to feature the fourth post, the older pinned post will be unpinned automatically.  

    Ideas to Select the Posts and Reels For Pinning

    High-Performing Posts

    The safest strategy is to pin your high-performing posts, i.e., if any posts have extended the reach or engagement score, then make use of their popularity and pin them. First, the audience will feel positivity, encouraging the environment to watch for your pinned posts. Secondly, you know how the Instagram algorithm works. So if you get more likes and comments, Instagram will keep pushing you toward a more audience. 

    Brief Insights Into Your Account

    These pinned posts will bring out the unique characteristics of your Instagram account. If you have been running Instagram for a long time, then you know that Influencers ‘ series’ content will raise anticipation and increase the number of followers. Moreover, you can try leveraging EarnViews and rank among your competitors. You can get a brief overview of what your account is all about. Even to promote your products, you can pin the customer reviews of your products and share the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of the product.

    Sneak Peek of Your Account

    You can pin more humanizing posts and make viewers re-visit your profile. With pinned posts, your visitors may analyze what type of account is yours. For example, people think the account will be funny if you pin entertaining content. On the other hand, if it is professional, then you will acquire the audience as such. 

    Final Thoughts

    With the grid pinning feature, you can make the most of your winning strategy. You need not organize your grids completely. When you pin your posts, it is prioritized in your grids. Pinning eliminates the grid creator tools. Keep up the aesthetics and enjoy your Instagram journey by opting for the new features. Instead, you can try using EarnViews, which shall accelerate your Instagram presence. Let’s level up! Thanks for reading!


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