As I settled into my living room, eager to catch up on my favorite shows, I faced an intriguing challenge: locating the Peacock channel on DirecTV. With the allure of exclusive content and a plethora of entertainment options, I was determined to uncover its digital hideout.

    Armed with my remote control and a hearty dose of curiosity, I embarked on a journey through the channel scope, determined to unveil the secret behind “What channel is Peacock on DirecTV?” Join me as I recount the steps, the suspense, and the ultimate triumph of discovering the gateway to a world of captivating streaming content.

    Why is it Worth Getting Peacock on DIRECTV?

    Why is it Worth Getting Peacock on DIRECTV?
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    • Exclusive Content: Peacock boasts an impressive array of exclusive content you won’t find on other platforms. There’s something for everyone, from original series and movies to classic TV shows. This unique content lineup ensures you’re not just getting more of the same.
    • Variety of Streaming Options: With Peacock on DIRECTV, you can access various genres and shows catering to different tastes and moods. Whether you’re into drama, comedy, reality TV, or sports, Peacock has it all.
    • Affordable Pricing: Peacock offers various subscription tiers, including a free option with ads, making it accessible to a wide audience. The paid tiers offer even more content and fewer ads, providing flexibility to choose the option that best suits your preferences and budget.
    • Live TV and On-Demand: Peacock on DIRECTV combines the best of both worlds, offering live TV viewing and an extensive library of on-demand content. You can view your favorite shows as they air or binge-watch entire seasons.
    • Family-Friendly Options: Peacock provides family-friendly programming, making it suitable for viewers of all ages. This is particularly appealing for households with children, ensuring everyone can find something to enjoy.

    What Channel is Peacock on DirecTV?

    What Channel is Peacock on DirecTV?
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    Peacock Channel is a streaming platform owned by NBCUniversal, offering a wide range of TV shows, movies, original content, live TV, and more.

    On DirecTV, a satellite television provider, traditional channels are organized by numbers corresponding to different networks or content providers.

    Peacock is not a channel on DirecTV. It is a streaming service that can be accessed through the Peacock app or website.

    However, DIRECTV customers can add a Peacock Premium subscription to their account for a discounted price of $2.99 per month. Once you have added the subscription, you can watch Peacock on your DIRECTV receiver by following these steps:

    • Press the “Menu” button on your remote.
    • Select “Apps”.
    • Scroll to and select the Peacock app
    • Sign in to your Peacock account.
    • Select the content you want to watch.

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    How to Watch Peacock on DirecTV?

    How to Watch Peacock on DirecTV?
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    Accessing Peacock via the “On Demand” Menu:

    1. Press the “On Demand” Button: Use your DirecTV remote and press the “On Demand” button to initiate the process.
    2. Scroll Through Options: Navigate the options until you locate the Peacock streaming service listed among the available streaming services.
    3. Select Peacock: Once you find Peacock, select it using your remote. This action will take you directly to the extensive content library of the Peacock platform.

    Accessing Peacock through the “Apps” Menu:

    1. Press the “Menu” Button. Begin by pressing the “Menu” button on your DirecTV remote.
    2. Navigate to the “Apps” Section: Find the “Apps” section within the menu and select it to proceed.
    3. Locate Peacock: Look for Peacock among the list of available apps. Use your remote to select the Peacock app.
    4. Enjoy the Content: You’ll be seamlessly redirected to the interface. From there, you can immediately start enjoying your preferred TV shows, movies, live sports, news, and more.

    DirecTV and Peacock: The Partnership

    DirecTV and Peacock: The Partnership
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    DirecTV and Peacock have partnered to bring viewers a seamless integration of streaming content within the traditional satellite television experience. This collaboration aims to provide subscribers with greater flexibility and a wider range of entertainment options. Here’s how the DirecTV and Peacock partnership works:

    1. Access to Peacock Content

    DirecTV subscribers with an internet-connected receiver can access the Peacock streaming service directly from their DirecTV interface. This integration allows users to switch between traditional television channels and streaming content without needing a separate device or app.

    2. Convenience and Consolidation:

    The partnership between DirecTV and Peacock offers subscribers the convenience of streaming content alongside their regular television programming. This eliminates switching inputs or devices when transitioning from traditional TV to streaming.

    3. User-Friendly Navigation:

    By integrating Peacock into the DirecTV interface, users can navigate through both traditional channels and streaming options using a single remote control and interface. This makes it easier for viewers to explore a wider variety of content without technical complications.

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    4. Expanded Content Library:

    Subscribers can enjoy the vast content library of Peacock, which includes a mix of TV shows, movies, original series, live sports, news, and more. This adds significant value to the DirecTV experience by providing a broader selection of entertainment choices.

    5. Personalization and Discovery:

    The partnership between DirecTV and Peacock may also include features that enhance content discovery and personalization. Users could receive recommendations based on their viewing history, making finding new shows and movies aligned with their interests easier.

    6. Flexibility in Viewing:

    With the ability to access Peacock’s content through DirecTV, viewers can view their favorite shows and movies on a traditional TV screen, maintaining the comfort of a living room setting while still enjoying the benefits of streaming.

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    Subscription Integration between DirecTV and Peacock:

    Subscription Integration between DirecTV and Peacock:
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    1. Peacock Premium – Included with Select Plans:

    As a DirecTV subscriber, you qualify for Peacock Premium at no extra cost, depending on your plan.

    – Peacock Premium offers an immersive ad-supported experience.
    – Enjoy a vast content library featuring an array of entertainment options.
    – Access next-day episodes of ongoing NBC shows.
    – Catch live sports events, adding an exciting dimension to your Viewing.

    2. Peacock Premium Plus:

    • Opt for Peacock Premium Plus if you desire an ad-free viewing journey.
    • Alongside all the benefits of Peacock Premium, experience uninterrupted content enjoyment.
    • For a small additional monthly fee, relish a seamless, ad-free streaming adventure.

    3. Standalone Peacock Subscription

    • If you prefer distinct billing for your streaming services, you can independently subscribe to Peacock.
    • Customize your subscription by choosing the tier that aligns with your preferences, whether with or without ads.
    • Embrace the freedom to select the perfect content-rich package for your entertainment needs.
    • Peacock offers DirecTV subscribers a range of subscription choices, from the complimentary Peacock Premium to the enhanced experience of Peacock Premium Plus. Alternatively, you can pursue a standalone Peacock subscription, allowing you to curate your viewing experience that suit your preferences and style.

    How to Access Peacock on DirecTV?

    How to Access Peacock on DirecTV?
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    Verifying Your DirecTV Subscription for Peacock Access:

    Before delving into Peacock’s vast content library, confirming your eligibility for Peacock access through your DirecTV subscription is essential. Most DirecTV plans to grant access to Peacock Premium without extra charges. To ascertain your eligibility, visit the official DirecTV website or contact customer support for guidance.

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    Activating Peacock on Your DirecTV Account:

    Method 1: Activating via the DirecTV Website:

    1. Log into Your Account: Access the DirecTV website and log in using your account credentials.
    2. Navigate to the Activation Page: Look for the Peacock activation page on the website.
    3. Link Your Accounts: Follow the instructions to link your Peacock account with your DirecTV subscription.
    4. Create a Peacock Account: If you don’t have a Peacock account, you can easily create one during this process.

    Method 2: Activating via the DirecTV App:

    1. Open the App: Launch the DirecTV app on your smartphone or tablet.
    2. Sign In Sign in to your DirecTV account using your credentials.
    3. Activate Peacock: Follow the prompts within the app to activate Peacock on your account.
    4. Create a Peacock Account: If you don’t already have a Peacock account, you can create one as part of this activation process.

    Following these straightforward steps, you can seamlessly activate Peacock on your DirecTV account and enjoy its extensive content lineup. Whether you activate via the DirecTV website or app, you’ll be ready to dive into Peacock Entertainment.

    Troubleshooting Common Issues with Accessing Peacock on DirecTV:

    IssuePossible Solution
    Peacock is not listed in the menuRestart your DirecTV receiver or update the software.
    Activation problems:Double-check the activation steps and contact customer support.
    Streaming quality or buffering issues:Check the internet connection and optimize the network.

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    Exclusive Offerings for DirecTV Subscribers:

    Exclusive Offerings for DirecTV Subscribers:

    DirecTV subscribers are in for a treat with the Peacock channel lineup, which offers diverse content to cater to various interests and preferences. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:

    Premium Content BundlesAccess to popular channels, shows, and movies not available through standard cable packages.
    Sports Package Enhancements:Access to out-of-market games, additional sports channels, and in-depth coverage of major sporting events.
    Early Access to New Releases:Get a head start on the latest movies and TV show releases before they’re available to the general public.
    Interactive Apps and FeaturesEngage with real-time stats, trivia, polls, and behind-the-scenes content while watching your favorite shows and sports events.
    DirecTV OriginalsExclusive original content created by DirecTV, including series, documentaries, and specials.
    Advanced DVR FunctionalityUnlock advanced DVR features that allow you to record more shows simultaneously, store a larger amount of content, and even access your recordings remotely through the DirecTV app.
    Music and Radio ChannelsEnjoy a wide range of music and radio channels catering to different genres and moods.
    On-Demand LibrariesAccess an extensive on-demand library of movies, TV shows, and documentaries featuring both classic favorites and recent releases.
    Multi-Screen Viewing:Watch your favorite content on multiple screens, such as your TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone.
    Exclusive Deals and DiscountsBenefit from exclusive discounts on premium channels, pay-per-view events, and streaming services through partner offers.
    Special Events and Premieres:Gain early access to special events, premieres, and exclusive screenings.
    Personalized Content RecommendationsEnjoy a personalized entertainment experience with tailored content recommendations based on your viewing history and preferences.

    Iconic Shows to Stream on Peacock:

    Source: Engadget
    Show nameGenreNumber of seasons
    The Office (U.S.)Comedy9
    Parks and RecreationComedy7
    Saturday Night Live (SNL)Sketch comedy47
    Law & Order: SVUProcedural drama23
    30 RockComedy7
    Brooklyn Nine-NineComedy8
    Downton AbbeyPeriod drama6
    The VoiceReality singing competition22
    PsychDetective comedy8

    Managing Peacock Parental Controls via DirecTV:

    • Sign In: Log in to your Peacock account.
    • Access Settings: Find “Account” or “Settings.”
    • Choose Parental Controls: Select this option.
    • Set PIN: Create a Parental Control PIN.
    • Customise Settings: Adjust content ratings to restrict access.


    In conclusion, while Peacock is unavailable as a traditional channel on DirecTV, subscribers can still access it using their internet-connected devices.

    Following the steps outlined earlier, you can easily navigate to the Peacock app through your DirecTV receiver and enjoy a wide range of content, including TV shows, movies, original programming, and more.

    This convenient streaming option allows DirecTV users to experience Peacock’s offerings and enhance their entertainment choices.


    Q: Can I use my DirecTV remote to navigate Peacock on my TV?

    A: Yes, you can use your DirecTV remote to navigate and control the Peacock app on your TV.

    Q: Will using Peacock affect my DirecTV subscription or bill?

    A: Using the Peacock app on your DirecTV-connected devices should not affect your subscription or billing.

    Q: How can I watch Peacock on DirecTV?

    A: To watch Peacock on DirecTV, you must access it as a streaming app on smart TVs, computers, tablets, and smartphones.

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