Virginia homeowners care about the look and security of their properties. To ensure your home is both stunning and secure, installing a quality wooden fence is highly recommended. Here are some of the core reasons that Virginia homeowners prefer wood fencing over other fencing materials:

    The Unique Climate

    Contrary to certain other types of fencing, wood fences need to be updated somewhat frequently, as they ultimately wear out. Even so, a quality wooden fence can handle Virginia’s strange, unique climate well if you’re careful.

    Your wood fence will look wonderful and last for many years with only a little care on your part, so as long as you’re willing to put in the effort required, you can install a beautiful new wood fence around your property with ease.

    Given that most wood fences are less expensive than other types of fencing, such as aluminum, vinyl and pvc fencing, many Virginia residents find that wood fences are still a fantastic option to consider. The amount of value they can add to a property makes them that much more attractive.

    Additionally, companies often use post drivers and other tech to make the installation process cheap, easy, and fast.

    The Strength of Wooden Fencing

    There are many benefits to wood fencing, and its incredibly strong nature is right at the top of the list. Although some maintenance is required, the otherwise-strong nature of wood makes it an ideal fencing material.

    As long as the lumber has been properly treated, finished, and is of high quality, you’ll have a fence that will surely last you for decades, after all.

    For many homeowners, having a wooden fence that’s at least six feet high is recommended as well. In Virginia, this fence height ensures that your fence is not only strong but that it provides your property with the security that you’re looking for as well.

    5 Popular Wood Fence Styles to Consider

    When looking at wood fencing, there are a few different styles that are popular in Virginia. There are five, in particular, that stand out:

    1. Picket Fence Style

    For Virginia homeowners, wood picket fences are commonly installed in front yards, gardens, and around pool enclosures.

    The flexibility and attractive “classical” design of picket fences have made them popular among many homeowners. Picket fences are typically fairly inexpensive to purchase and install as well, making them great for homeowners who want to boost their home’s aesthetic punch on a budget.

    2. Shadow Box Fence Style

    Wood fences made in the shadow box design offer privacy and look fantastic from both sides. Sometimes called a “good neighbor” fence style, these have become especially popular in crowded neighborhoods.

    Shadow box style fencing can be made from all types of wood, and can help you spice up your property. Adventurous homeowners that are looking to up their style game should carefully consider using this design.

    3. Post Fence Style

    For the majority of homeowners, installing a post fence is a cheap, but still attractive choice to consider. They are commonly used for livestock, but they are also a great option for clearly delineating boundaries between properties.

    If you’re in an area where you’re not surrounded by other homes, this can be a great way to make your property both secure and good-looking. The aesthetic of the post fence style goes perfectly with the Virigian landscape as well.

    4. Wrap Wood Fence Style

    The cap and wrap style of wood fence is easy to install, reliable and fits most property styles without any adjustments. This is also one of the trendiest wood fence styles around and can help you pack home equity into your property when done right.

    Adding the right finish to your wrap wood fence will make it that much more appealing, and will help you gain the attention of your neighbors in no time.

    5. Stockade Fence Style

    With the more ornamental side of the fence facing outward, the standard wood privacy fence normally has three horizontal rails that are visible to the homeowner.

    Stockade fence styles have remained popular for many decades thanks to their simple and attractive nature. If you’re looking to go the standard route, choosing to install a stockade wood fence is always a solid idea.

    Invest in a High-Quality Wooden Fence in 2023

    To make your property hyper-secure and more valuable, investing in a wooden fence is the perfect decision. For 2023, having a secure, beautiful property is a safeguard against tough economic times. Give your property the boost it deserves by installing a high-quality wooden fence around your Virginia property.

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