What is y2mateta.com? Should you use it? Will it harm your computer or interfere with the software? Know everything you need to know about this site, its history, and its operations in this post.

    YouTube allows the users to download the videos to their devices and these videos will remain on the device for 29 days without internet access.

    But if you want to keep them longer, you can simply use software applications that turn YouTube videos into MP3 files and preserve them on your device. Y2mateta.com is one such application that allows you to download these files.

    So, what is Y2Mateta.com? Let’s learn more about it here.

    What is Y2Mateta.Com?

    Source: y2mate.com

    As you can see, it’s a website that allows you to convert and download YouTube files. Now, you can head to your browser and search the website. Can you find it?

    I can tell you that the answer is no. You haven’t found any website with a web address y2mateta.com. So, how are you supposed to reach this application?

    The query y2mateta.com is a well-known name for the original website behind it. The original website can be reached at y2mate.com web address. However, if you search the term y2mateta.com, you may still reach the website after some digging.

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    Is Y2Mateta.Com Legit?

    The next question is about the legal nature of this website. To answer this question, we have to look at the background of this site.

    This website has been around since 2016. As of today, the site is six years old. To determine the legal nature of a site we must know the entity or person behind it. But when we look up the site y2meta.com, we find that it doesn’t have an owner listed.

    At the same time, we cannot find any phone number listed on the site. Its background checks also show no authentic email associated with it.

    The only email address you will find on it is admin@y2mate.com. Like any other automated email address, you can safely assume that this one also isn’t being monitored.

    How do these answers reflect the legal status of the website? These details tell us that the website is not a legit solution to download YouTube videos.

    Another way to check if it’s legit is checking if YouTube lists it as an authorized site to download its videos. Note that YouTube is clear on its video-sharing policy.

    It allows you to upload your videos easily. It makes it exceptionally easy for you to share your videos with the world by allowing you to shoot and stream at the same time. Also, you can upload your videos even when you aren’t online.

    Its policy on downloads, however, is a bit restrictive. You can download the videos on the app only. It doesn’t allow you to download the video when you are on your phone.

    Also, you can only keep those videos that remain available on the app. If for some reason, the video you downloaded is taken off the app, you will also lose access to its downloaded version.

    These downloads on the app are refreshed after every 29 days. If you fail to connect to the internet during this time, these videos will be automatically deleted from downloads.

    At the same time, YouTube frowns on anybody trying to download these videos to their device in MP3 format. All the third-party apps allowing you to make this conversion are doing it without approval from YouTube.

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    Is Y2Mateta Safe?

    Source: y2mate.com

    We have already established that y2mateta is not safe. But some people will still use it because for them, the benefits of using this – and similar apps – are higher than the risks associated with it.

    If you are one of those people who want to use this app despite its illegal nature, you might want to know if it’s okay for your computer. It’s not unheard of for unauthorized applications to add malware and viruses to the computer when you download files from them.

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    Is y2mateta.com one of those dangerous applications for your computer? It can be.

    Note that the application ranks high on Alex. And on Trustpilot its positive reviews outweigh its negative reviews, promising a standard service from the vendor.

    Still, there are a few reported cases where this application has harmed the intellectual property of the host computer.

    Take Away

    Is y2mateta.com legit? No, it’s not. And if you still want to use this application, note that it may not be the best application for your computer because of potential threats of the virus.


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