Young Jeezy is known as the wealthiest hip-hop artist with a 20 million dollar net worth, and it came by hard work when he launched his debut album people are curious to know how much young Jeezy is worth. In 2001, this new emerging hip-hop artist came into the industry and stood people by his talent and dedicated approach.

    Forbes has ranked young Jeezy as one of the highest-paid hip-hop artist’s lists.

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    NameYoung jeezy ( jay wayn jerkin)
    Net worth20 million dollars
    Date of birth28 september 1977
    Birth placeColumbia south, Carolina, United States
    Weight72 kgs
    Marital statussingle
    NicknameMister snowman, lil j
    ProfessionSinger,rapper,song writer,actor
    ChildrenJadarius jerkin Amra nor jerkin and Shyheim jerkins

    Early Life

    Jeezy didn’t have an ideal life as he was today for an instant when he was little, and he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, from South Carolina. As his parent, who was not married, decided to separate as of no financial stability in his life Jeezy faced many problems.

    His life was a rush, and he was always on the run doing things grinding to earn even a tiny bit amount of money no matter how he made it for him. Survival was just the goal.

    Apart from his troublesome life and hustle, he always found a positive way to escape from all this MUSIC, although his connections through drug dealings attracted him to join a gang of America and roam around.

    This lousy boy’s behavior didn’t last long as he got arrested and sent to rehab to recover from all of the narcotics dealings. Finally, he found his career as a musician and got into the industry as an entrepreneur, and now you can see young Jeezy’s net worth estimated due to hard work.


    The very talented music artist joined a group named boys in the hood. This group allowed him to represent by the name of the label.

    He launches his whole album named by himself in 2005, and at that time, he released how much he can go further with the label bad boys.

    After this progress, young was recognized by the steward, the VP of def. Jam records looking at his efforts and potential of working he consulted about Jeezy with L. A Reid and both agreed to sign young Jeezy to their label, which made Jeezy signed with not one but two labels

    After this, Jeezy launched his first album known as let’s get it getting an overall album sold of 172000 and sang songs in collaboration with Akon and Mannie fresh when young Jeezy realized his solo potential, he left the group boys n the hood.

    It was just a start, and from here, there was no going back for Jeezy. He launched his second album named as the inspiration this album was more famous than ever and hit on the billboards 200 with the sold album units of 350000 including with his fantastic work with celebrities and another album came through in 2008 and got on billboard 200

    Not only this, he was nominated for Grammy awards, and many recession artists such as Kanye West were also set on the list.

    In 2009 Young Jeezy decided to change his name to Jeezy and released an album named thug motivation 103. Jeezy spend some time collaborating with other artists, but by the time thug motivation 103 was launched, it was December, and the album launched got 233000 units sold in just the first week.

    Most Frequent Questions About Young Jeezy

    Young Jeezy Family

    Jeezy got married to a woman known as Jeannie mai. She is an American host and stylist. She stated that before getting involved with or even before getting married to Jeezy, she had no intentions of having kids. Still, now she has three kids, jadarius jerkin Amra nor jerkin and Shyheim jerkins. This sums up his family.


    The nickname snowman was derived when Jeezy was launching his album with some high fashion statement. He got this incrusted diamond chain with a snowman made o it. People started to shout snowman rather than calling Jeezy’s name, which summed up with Jeezy being named a snowman.


    Jeezy has always been interested in the real estate business, and honestly speaking, he has many of them.
    He has 1.32 M worth of penthouse apartments in phoenix. Jeezy is a brilliant entrepreneur and knows where to invest. He also bought a three-story house in Atlanta worth 1.5 M dollars and a house near the Georgia Tech campus worth round about 685K dollars.

    Jeezy also added many condos on his purchase list, which he got at an amazingly reasonable rate of 45K dollars less than he asked.

    The Secret Of Jeezy’s income

    Apart from the real estate, the significant amount of worth links with the number of albums sold, and the estimate is he has earned thousands from albums, and recessions have helped him add on to his wealth more.
    Young Jeezy was also seen in millions of dollar budget movie named I got the hook up two. Also, he launched his YouTube channel in 2014, which accumulated 243 million views and benefited him quite much.

    Jeezy Net Worth

    Young Jeezy is an American rapper and hip-hop artist known worldwide for his contribution to the film industry. A boy from a shallow background suffered and led himself a way to success.

    As the net worth of Jeezy is estimated at 20 million dollars, it rounds all of the earning and real estate entrepreneurship.

    Jeezy is known to be a simple, sophisticated man with principles. His life from the start till now shows his hard work and struggle to make it through.

    Young Jeezy proves the worth of fame and money by his one famous quote stating.
    “A lot of things come with the dame, whether it is losing friends or family.”
    These teachings of his life he preached further on by saying
    “When money was plentiful, I was the first one who told you to stack it up. Live your life with it. Now that money slowed up, and I will be the one telling you to save it like they aren’t going to make it anymore”.

    Final Words

    Jeezy has a total net worth of 13 million dollars as of 2021. the early life and biography also teach a million dollars worth of lessons. Hard work and dedication led him to success, and this is the primary influence to count on. What do you guys think?


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