If you use a fitness tracker to count your daily steps, you’ve probably wondered at some point how many miles is 18000 steps. The distance for 18,000 steps can vary quite a bit based on factors like age, gender, height, and walking pace.

    In this post, we’ll break down the approximate number of miles that 18,000 steps equate to for different people. We’ll also provide some useful tips to help you reach the 18,000 step goal more enjoyably if you decide to take on the challenge.

    Whether you currently take 5,000 steps or 15,000 steps per day, understanding exactly how many miles is 18000 steps can give you a target to work towards for improved fitness.

    What is the Time Duration for 18,000 Steps?

    What is the Time Duration for 18,000 Steps
    Source: OLYRUN

    On average, it takes between 1 hour 15 minutes to 2 hours to complete 18,000 steps depending on your walking pace and fitness level. Factors like age, height, and stride length also impact how long it will take you to walk 18,000 steps.

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    Average Walking Time for Females

    AgeTime for 18,000 StepsSpeed (mph)Speed (km/h)
    20-291 hr 15 min3.55.6
    30-391 hr 25 min3.25.2
    40-491 hr 35 min2.94.7
    50-591 hr 50 min2.64.2
    60-692 hr 10 min2.33.7

    Average Walking Time for Males

    AgeTime for 18,000 StepsSpeed (mph)Speed (km/h)
    20-291 hr 10 min4.06.4
    30-391 hr 20 min3.65.8
    40-491 hr 30 min3.35.3
    50-591 hr 45 min3.04.8
    60-692 hr2.74.3

    Tips to Add More Fun and Motivation to Your 18,000 Step Walks

    Tips to Add More Fun and Motivation to Your 18,000 Step Walks-How Many Miles is 18000 Steps
    Source: 10000 Steps

    Listen to Captivating Audio Content

    One of the best ways to make the time pass faster on long walks is to listen to engrossing audiobooks, podcasts, or music playlists.

    The distraction of a good story or discussion can help the steps melt away. Prepare some fresh audio content before heading out to fully immerse yourself while walking.

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    Journey Through New Scenic Places

    Instead of simply circling your usual neighborhood route, explore some new-to-you walking paths around your area.

    Discover pretty parks, winding trails through nature, or interesting architecture and scenery in a neighborhood you’ve never walked through before. The novelty will make the walk more enjoyable.

    Schedule Social Walking Sessions

    Walking with a friend, family member, or group is an easy way to make your 18,000 step journey more motivational and fun.

    The social interaction and accountability of walking with others can give you an added boost. Check sites like Meetup.com for walking groups near you that match your pace and schedule.

    Craft an Effective Walking Routine for Reaching 18,000 Steps

    Define Your Step Goals

    Before jumping into an ambitious 18,000 step routine, set realistic intermediate goals first. If you currently walk 5,000 steps daily, set your initial goal at 8,000 or 10,000 steps.

    Gradually increase your target over weeks and months until you build up to 18,000 steps. Setting reasonable goals at each stage will make the progression feel more manageable.

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    Perform Dynamic Stretches Before Walking

    Warming up your muscles before walking long distances is important for comfort and injury prevention. Take 5-10 minutes to dynamically stretch your calves, hamstrings, hips, lower back, and other areas before your walk.

    Gentle movements like leg swings, lunges, and arm circles increase blood flow to muscles before exertion.

    Schedule Your Walks in Advance

    To stick to a consistent 18,000 step routine, plan out your walks in advance and commit them to your calendar as appointments with yourself.

    Schedule specific days/times each week that you will dedicate to completing your longer walk. Having set plans etched out ahead of time will help ensure you follow through on the routine.

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    Q: Am I Considered Active if I Walk 18,000 Steps Daily?

    A: Yes, 18,000 steps are considered highly active. It meets physical activity guidelines for substantial health benefits.

    Q: How Many Calories Burned in 18,000 Steps?

    A: For most adults, 18,000 steps burn around 800-1,000 calories, depending on your weight and walking pace.

    Q: Does Walking 18,000 Steps Trims Belly Fat?

    A: It can help! Overall calorie burn from an 18,000 step walk promotes fat loss all over the body including visceral belly fat over time.

    Q: How Many Steps Per Day Is Healthy?

    A: Experts recommend 7,000-10,000 steps daily for good health. 18,000 steps is an extra-active goal with additional benefits.


    When tracking your daily steps, it’s helpful to know how many miles is 18,000 steps. For most people, it equals around 8-9 miles depending on your pace and factors like age and gender.

    Use the tips provided to make reaching 18,000 steps per day more engaging. Knowing the approximate distance for your step count goal will keep you motivated as you walk your way toward improved fitness.

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