40 Pink Summer Nails Look to Make Your Hands Pop This Season

Summer is right around the corner, and there’s no better way to embrace the bright, fun season than with a fresh new nail color.

This year, pink summer nails are going to be huge. Whether you prefer a barely there pastel or a bold, fiery fuchsia, pink is the perfect way to make a statement.

From pretty polka dots to flashy flakes, keep reading for 40 fabulous pink nail designs that will keep your hands looking hot all summer.

40 Pink Summer Nails Ideas

1. Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink-Pink Summer Nails
Source: The Blondissima

For an understated, feminine look, try a sheer pastel pink polish. The pale hue is subtle yet still makes your nails pop. Paint on a glossy topcoat to boost the shine. Pastels are perfect for a sweet and romantic vibe.

2. Bubblegum Pink

Bubblegum Pink-Pink Summer Nails
Source: Pure Nails

Candy-colored bubblegum pink is playful and fun. The bright, opaque shade looks like liquid gumballs on your nails. It’s a youthful color that brings out your inner child.

3. Blush Pink

Blush Pink-Pink Summer Nails

Go for a natural, romantic vibe with a pale blush pink polish. The sheer color blends beautifully with most skin tones for an elegant glow. Blush pink is great for weddings and formal events.

4. Neon Pink

Neon Pink-Pink Summer Nails
Source: Pinterest

Make a bold statement with bright neon pink nails. The electric shade instantly grabs attention, perfect for festivals or beach parties. Neon pink suggests a playful, funky attitude.

5. Pink French Tips

Pink French Tips-Pink Summer Nails
Source: Pinterest

An easy way to rock pink: white polish with pink French tip accents. Keep the tips subtle, or paint them broad and bold. French tips are a classic look that always looks polished.

6. Pink Ombre

Pink Ombre-Pink Summer Nails
Source: Pinterest

Ombre nails are a significant trend, and pink is a perfect color choice. Try fading from dark pink to light for a vibrant color transition. Ombre adds a modern gradient style.

7. Pink Glitter

Pink Glitter-Pink Summer Nails
Source: Olive and June

One of the most fun ways to wear pink – shiny glitter polish! Opt for iridescent glitter in feminine hues like rose gold, pearl, chrome, and opal for summer. Glitter takes your nails to a dramatic, eye-catching level.

8. Pink and White Polka Dots

Pink and White Polka Dots-Pink Summer Nails
Source: Pinterest

Cute as can be, alternating pink and white polka dots are a retro summer look. Use toothpicks for perfect dots. Polka dots have a nostalgic, vintage vibe.

9. Pink and Gold Flakes

Pink and Gold Flakes-Pink Summer Nails
Source: Pinterest

Mesmerizing and unique, multi-colored flakes in pink and gold make a glam statement. Apply over a nude base for the flakes to pop. Gold flakes add luxury and sophistication.

10. Pink and Silver Chrome

Pink and Silver Chrome-Pink Summer Nails
Source: Byrdie

Chrome nails are trendy and so eye-catching. A pink base with silver chrome tips glows like a futuristic summer sunset. Chrome is edgy, fiery, and fierce.

11. Hot Pink

Hot Pink-Pink Summer Nails
Source: Beauty Bay

Sassy and fiery, scorching hot pink polish screams summer. The opaque, creamy shade complements all skin tones. Hot pink conveys confidence and girl power.

12. Pink Marble

Pink Marble-Pink Summer Nails
Source: Fab Mood

One of the biggest nail trends, marbleizing creates a mesmerizing swirled effect in shades of pink. Marble is artistic and reminiscent of stone.

13. Pink Gingham

Pink Gingham-Pink Summer Nails
Source: Pinterest

Picnic blanket chic! Tiny Gingham checks in pink and instantly says summer. Use striping tape for clean lines. Gingham is fresh, beachy, and so cute.

14. Pink Watermelon

Pink Watermelon-Pink Summer Nails
Source: Pinterest

What’s more summery than watermelon? Paint red and green rinds on your accent nails for a fruity look. Watermelon nails are playful and juicy.

15. Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade-Pink Summer Nails
Source: Byrdie

Pretty in pink lemonade! A light pink base with bright yellow tips and lemon slice art is tropical. Pink lemonade is bright, citrusy, and vibrant.

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16. Pink Palm Trees

Pink Palm Trees-Pink Summer Nails
Source: Pinterest

Escape to the tropics with pink polish and palm tree nail art. It’s so beachy and cute for vacation. Palm trees evoke a laidback island lifestyle.

17. Pink Floral

Pink Floral-Pink Summer Nails
Source: Pinterest

Feminine florals are made modern with hot pink polish and white flower details. An elegant, summery mani. Florals are timelessly chic and pretty.

18. Pink Stripes

Pink Stripes-Pink Summer Nails
Source: Pinterest

Candy-striped nails are a fun retro choice for summer. Paint broad, glossy stripes in alternating pink shades. Stripes are bold, graphic, and mod.

19. Pink Cheetah Print

Pink Cheetah Print-Pink Summer Nails
Source: Pinterest

Unleash your wild side in summer with cheetah spots in pink. Fun and fierce. Cheetah print is exotic, sassy, and on-trend.

20. Pink Cow Print

Pink Cow Print-Pink Summer Nails
Source: Pinterest

For a unique spin, opt for pink cow spots instead of cheetahs. Just as cute and effortless. Cow print is quirky and unexpected.

21. Pink Leopard Print

Pink Leopard Print
Source: Pinterest

Leopard spots get a pink makeover. Paint them on accent nails for a playful pop of pattern. Leopard print is edgy yet feminine.

22. Pink Zebra Print

Pink Zebra Print
Source: Pinterest

Zebra stripes take on a softer look in shades of pink. Eye-catching and edgy. Zebra print is retro, bold, and striking.

23. Pink Splatter

Pink Splatter
Source: ipfon

Recreate a Jackson Pollock painting on your nails with a pink splatter design. Use a splatter brush for quick application. Splatter nails are artistic and modern.

24. Pink Galaxy

Pink Galaxy
Source: Pinterest

Create a dreamy pink galaxy mani with cotton balls for nebula clouds. Top with iridescent glitter stars. Galaxies are cosmic, magical, and surreal.

25. Pink Mermaid

Pink Mermaid
Source: Pinterest

Dive into a magical underwater world with metallic pink mermaid nails. Add pearl accents for an ethereal shimmer. Mermaids are mythical, iridescent, and fantasy.

26. Pink Feathers

Pink Feathers
Source: Pinterest

Fluttery feather accents on light pink nails evoke tropical birds. Use a detail brush to paint on plumes. Feathers are delicate, soft, and feminine.

27. Pink Flamingos

Pink Flamingos
Source: Itakeyou

What’s more summer-ready than flamingos? Paint on pink polish and add cute white flamingos. Flamingos remind you of tropical vacations in paradise.

28. Pink Seashells

Pink Seashells
Source: Itakeyou

Seashell nail art is perfect for beach trips and nautical vibes. Outline shells in white over pink polish. Seashells convey ocean breezes and salty air.

29. Pink Sand

Pink Sand
Source: Pinterest

Get a sandy glow with two pink polishes – one light and one metallic. Paint on vertical “sand” stripes and top with glitter. Sand textures evoke sun, fun, and summer memories.

30. Pink Palm Fronds

Pink Palm Fronds
Source: DECH Motorsport

Recreate a tropical Hawaiian vibe with green frond details on a pink base. Just two colors create a beautiful summer nail look. Palm fronds are island-inspired.

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31. Pink Pineapples

Pink Pineapples
Source: Pinterest

Pineapples scream summer! Paint them on accent nails over a pink base for a fruity flavor. Pineapples are fresh, juicy, and tropical.

32. Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
Source: Pinterest

What’s sweeter than pink flower nails? Daisies, roses, and tulips look so fresh and feminine for spring. Flowers represent new beginnings and growth.

33. Pink Coconut Drinks

Pink Coconut Drinks
Source: Pinterest

Sip pink cocktails at the poolside with freehand pink polish and paper umbrella accents. Cocktails are festive, fruity, and tasty.

34. Pink Watercolor

Pink Watercolor
Source: Pinterest

Get artsy with messy, blended watercolor designs in shades of pink. The imperfect look is chic and stylish. Watercolor is artistic, imperfect, and free-flowing.

35. Pink Ice Cream Cones

Pink Ice Cream Cones
Source: Pinterest

What better matches a pink mani than pretty ice cream art? Drizzle on “sprinkles” to complete the summer treat. Ice cream is sugary, sweet, and refreshing.

36. Pink Lemonade Stand

Pink Lemonade Stand
Source: Pinterest

Set up a cute lemonade stand with pink polish, yellow accents, and freehand lettering. Too adorable. Lemonade stands are nostalgic, cute, and quirky.

37. Pink Flamingo Floaties

Pink Flamingo Floaties
Source: Pinterest

Lounge poolside with flamingo floaties on your nails. So kitschy and fun. Floaties convey pool parties and relaxation.

38. Pink Palm Trees

Pink Palm Trees
Source: Pinterest

Another fresh take on palm trees – paint them as silhouettes against a bold pink sky. Modern boho. Palm silhouettes have an artistic, minimalist vibe.

39. Pink Sequin Nails

Pink Sequin Nails
Source: Pinterest

Bring the disco vibes with pink sequins on your nails. Use a topcoat to keep them in place. Sequins dazzle with glitz and glam.

40. Pink Confetti

Pink Confetti
Source: Pinterest

Last but not least, celebrate summer with confetti nails! Tiny pink dots look like festive sprinkles on each nail. Confetti is playful, festive, and happy.

Final Thoughts

Ready to rock some seriously gorgeous pink nails this summer? With so many chic polish shades and designs, creating stunning nails perfect for the season is easy.

Whether you prefer barely there pastels or bold neon hues, there are endless options to make your nails pop. Add artistic accents like florals, watercolor, and fruit for fresh summer nail art.

So get ready to flaunt fabulous pink summer nails! Your fingertips are sure to catch your eyes all season long.

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