Crafting with kids is not only a great way to fill time, but it is also fantastic for their motor skills, problem-solving skills, and creativity. And when it comes to crafting ideas, autumn is a season that is filled with some great ones. If you’re looking for some fun autumn crafting ideas you can do with your foster child, these should be on your must-try list.

    Pinecone Mouse

    Pinecone Mouse
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    If your foster child is young, you want to be sure you choose crafting projects that are relatively simple and don’t involve a lot of materials. A pinecone mouse is perfect and provides you with the opportunity to head outdoors and collect pinecones, as well as the crafting process.

    For this activity, kids will need:

    • One pinecone
    • Glue
    • A small square of card
    • Light brown felt
    • Small pink pom-pom
    • Child-safe scissors

    To begin, cut two ears from the brown felt, then a small square that is about the size of the pinecone’s base. That base can then be glued to the card and cut into the shape of feet. Next, glue the pinecone to that base. They can finish off their mouse by gluing the ears on (cut from the felt) and using the pink pom-pom as the nose.

    Carved Pumpkin Apple Stamps

    Carved Pumpkin Apple Stamps-Autumn Craft Ideas
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    Nothing says autumn quite like pumpkin decor, so here’s a chance for kids to make their own carved pumpkin apple stamps. Depending on how creative your foster child is, these can even be turned into wall art.

    For this craft you’ll need the following supplies:

    • Newspaper
    • Glue
    • Child-safe scissors
    • One apple
    • Orange paint
    • Black marker pen
    • Plain white card paper
    • Small herb leaf (bay or sage will work)

    Start by laying the newspaper out in the area where kids will be working. Next, slice the apple in half and dip it in orange paint making sure to completely cover it. Stamp the apple onto the card paper and let it dry. They can use the marker to draw the facial features on the pumpkin. They may even want to use googly eyes if you have any. Use the small leaf as the top of the pumpkin and glue it on. It can then be placed in a frame as autumn décor.

    Leaf Art Bookmarks

    Leaf Art Bookmarks-Autumn Craft Ideas
    Source: Freepik

    What’s great about this craft is that there are no rules. Simply head outdoors, have your foster child collect a variety of leaves and twigs, and head back inside. They can then make creations out of their findings and glue them on a white card cut in the shape of a bookmark.

    Looking for More Activities to Do with Your Foster Child?

    While crafting can certainly keep your foster child busy and entertained, you may be looking for some other great activities to engage in. Family events and activities are something that agencies like the Fostering People consistently plan and host throughout the year. Be sure to look if there is anything offered through your agency, as it is a fabulous way to connect with other foster families.

    These autumn crafts aren’t just fun, they also help kids find the beauty in the season.

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